Having problems with a new install of CIS

Hi Everybody.

Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong forum and please feel free to move admins.

I have heard many good things about Comodo, I have used the firewall on two other family members PC’s with sucess, but today I am having some problems.

I have just installed the full CIS on my parents P.C. - Windows XP pro 32bit sp3. Due to geographical location they are still on dial up :'(.

However, I am having problems. The firewall seems to be blocking all traffic. I have a reasonable level of tech know how and have played around with it but for the life of me cannot get it to allow traffic.

Ok, so a bit about what I have tried. Firstly the PC is running an AV which I have disabled for now but not uninstalled. Right, so first time I installed it, had a bit of a play around but couldn’t seem to be able to browse the internet. I tried playing around with the zones, changed it to custom zone, it dectected firefox and ie problems and also svchost.exe .

By this time I had also noticed that the antivirus update was hanging on 30%. So next I tried making some custom rules to allow Firefox and Comodo full access but still no go.

After I did an unistall, reinstalled, ran the malware check, connected the dial up but still no go. The firewall is in Safe Mode at the moment. Odly Outlooks seems to connect ok.

I’m thinking this may have something to do with adding a trusted zone? but I really understand how to add one. Currently, my network zone shows the loopback zone with and The computer is not networked to anyother machines and runs DCHP.

Also firewall events is empty.

The two other times I have used Comodo Firewall its dectected a network straight away, allthough both times were using ADSL.

Can anyone help me?



first make sure you can connect to the Internet when CIS firewall is off… If you can’t then you got some modem configuration left to do…

If you can connect with the firewall OFF. Then check Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy> “application rules” (don’t touch the global rules, they only hide you)… Anyway look for any block rules there.

Also check Firewall> Common Tasks> My blocked Network Zones… If you got any items there then remove it…

Hope I could help some. =/

Hi Monkey_Boy

thanks for your help, yes the internet works perfectly when the firewall is set to disable mode. I’ll check out the other stuff and get back to you.


Can you show us screenshots of your Global Rules and Firewall logs?


will do that after work, I did check the firewall logs and from memory they were empty?

When they are empty there is no use in showing them of course. Your Global Rules will still be of interest of course…

Keep us posted.

Hi guys,

sorry to delay getting back, didn’t get home till late last night. I have a .doc attached with screen dumps of global rules and app rules.

blocked networked zones is empty as is the firewall logs.

I have the computer at my place now and I have adsl here, was wondering if I should connect and see if it will let me through.



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A small suggestion - Delete the rule under ‘Global Rules’

Set new rule using ‘Stealth Ports Wizard’
(Open CIS>Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports Wizard)
Select the third open and click next — you will get a message firewall configured accordingly.

Try again connecting to Internet.

If you are still not able to connect check the following

What is the entry shown in the right hand side of Network Defense in the summary screen???
Stop all activities or Restore all activities? - It should be Stop All Activities

Can you see any entry under My Blocked Network Zones?? (Open CIS>Firewall>Common Tasks>My Blocked Network Zones) … if yes, delete it if that was not created by you.

With the current setting are you able to update other security programs like SAS, MBAM etc.??? AFAIK, these programs automatically detect proxy settings if IE is configured for proxy.

Do this problem affect a select bunch of programs or all the programs??? I ask this because you mentioned Outlook is able to connect.

Do revert back.

Hi Layman.

Thanks for your help, tried your suggestions but sadly it didn’t help. Ran the stealth ports wizards and selected the third option but no luck.

The right side of network defence is reading stop all activities, just to be sure I stopped and started. I do however have some firewall logs now. I’ll attach them and also a screen dump of my global rules after running stealth port wizard. is this machine its also set for default gateway. subnet is



[attachment deleted by admin]

Okay, I think your network zone is not detected by CIS.

Open CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>General - tick automatically detect new networks.

Disable the connection and reconnect it.

Normally for broadband / LAN connections this could do the trick but from your post I understand that you are using dial up which should not need this one, however, just give a try.

Are you facing problems with browser only? Can other programs connect? Try one thing… Open a program requiring updation like ccleaner or SAS or MBAM etc. click check for updates. Do you get any pop up for them? If yes, give permission and see what happens.

Do also mention your OS and CIS version to get better idea.

Hi mate,

that box was already checked, just to be sure I unchecked it and then checked again and restarted, but no luck.

I meant to post this last night, Spybot wont update, interestingly CCleaner connects and works to the point of downloading the file but then just dies.

PC is Windows XP pro 32bit sp3. Comodo should be the latest version, I downloaded it last weekend.


Have just connected the machine to my ADSL and it worked straight away, just running some updates and will test dial up again to see if it has changed anything.

Can you see any entry under

IE>Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings>Proxy Settings

Do also check with your ISP provider. Sometimes in dial up they route the DNS to other servers wherein the customer will get connected (actually to local server), but would only be able to surf if the DNS is properly entered in the TCIP IP preferred settings of the user’s computer.

Did you install Comodo Network Adaptor when installing CIS?If you did,that probably what caused the failure to connect to the internet.I had the same problem and had to revert back using System Restore.It works ok now without Comodo Network Adaptor but I keep getting update available although I have the correct version 3.8.65951.477.I think the update available notice I keep getting relates to the Comodo Network Adaptor.I cannot be sure and I am scared to update when I have the correct version for fear it will cause problem with internet access.I use Netgaer router for internet access.

The subnet mask doesn’t define a network; it defines a network with zero clients connected.

I am not familiar with dial up connections. I had dial up when I was a computer rookie years ago. So I am giving it a try .

I want to see the information the ipconfig command can give about the dial up connection. When the dial up connection is running go to Start → Run → cmd → push enter → now a “dos box” starts → type ipconfig /all → push enter. Now copy past the information it gives regarding your dial up connection.