Having Problems Allowing & Bliocking Programs=^..^=

About a week ago I reinstalled Comodo, but, I forgot the original settings I had it on. As a result I’m literally getting defense alert windows popping up EVERY few seconds. This is no exaggeration! Also, it doesn’t seem to matter whether I allow or block something because the same alerts for these programs keep popping up again and again and again and again and again! This is getting quite maddening! Can someone please help me make the proper adjustments so this won’t keep happening? Please help me before I tear all of my hair out! Thanks for anything you can offer!
Catwoman=^…^= & Mija

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In what mode are you running currently? Look under Miscellaneous → Manage My configurations and see what config is active.

Then go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings and see where the slider is set to. When in Paranoid mode put it back to Safe mode or Clean PC mode.

Thanks Eric! You are my hero! I had it on Paranoid Mode and it was driving me crazy!
Have a great day and an even better one tomorrow!
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