having problem wid launching game

hi today i installed cs 1.6 and it doesnt seem to work it hangs,so i opened my firewall and the summary shows that in defence+ has blocked it and has termed it as suspicious,i was wondering if anything could instruct me how to remove it from the firewalls “suspicious list” p.s. i suck@computers

What is CS 1.6? Counsterstrike Source game? For games it most convenient to set D+ to Clean PC mode and let it learn the rules for the game and after the game is over set D+ back to a higher security level. You can repeat this the next couple of times.

yes its counterstrike , when i close the game i c a lil window on my right which is the comodo window but when the game finally closes(have to open my task manager and use it to close it) the window also closes,when i looked in the suspicious events: it says:Action;installhook target;c/windows/system32/ig4icd3.Is there any alternative way to stop the firewall from blocking the game? thnx

When it is the same global hook that gets installed allow it and let CIS remember. If CS changes the name of the global hook then it is another ball game.