Having problem downloading --- file too big --- any solution?

First I downloaded the installer. I wanted the firewall and antivirus package. I selected both programs and the download began. 10 hours later at 175mb it kept on downloading. I gave up since I needed to go to bed.

The next day I downloaded the firewall separate. Installed it. ok so far.

Then I downloaded the antivirus. Installed it, but it needed updating. It started updating an 89.7mb file. After four hours I was at 48.8mb downloaded. I had to go offline since my online time limit is a four hour block. When I went back online, the antivirus started updating from scratch.

I’m on dial-up. Is there any other way I can download the updates? I was told to download it from the library but I don’t see how I can get the update since the program has to be installed on a computer first.



here is a guide on where to download the full av database and the downloader supports resuming so you can pause the download and finish it later.

hope this helps

Hello Adahlia. Welcome to the Forums.

Please follow Where can i download the latest full AV database?. That will provide the download link you are looking for.

The provided link also supports resuming; so you can use a download manager when needed.