Having one issue after another with CAV, starting with its impenetrable GUI :(

When CAV isn’t throttling every download attempt on my computer it is masking files and generally ignoring the settings I have banned CAV from interfering with. At first it was just select files; it rapidly earned its chops ignoring folder exclusions; and when the program would not release its grip on my computer, I placed entire drives into my exclusion list, most recently the partition I use for my downloads.

Setting aside for a moment the operational issues I have with CAV may I ask if there is any alternative interface other than the (ver 7 I think but since I can’t even see an “About” menu option it’s either naiveté or vanity to think I could access the program’s core features) current one? Please appreciate that the question isn’t stylistic, it’s structural (not a theme, not a skin, not a color). Not all of us are a 14-year old male on his cell phone.

I’ll leave it there because if I can’t break free of the roll-up, drop-down, hover, minimize, restrict, point, and right-click variables so grossly abused in Comodo’s current architecture, there’s really no point in understanding its features. I had to actually reboot in Safe Mode to see two of my folders, and an application download initiated with Firefox not once but twice, and twice “Run As” directly from the browser and opening an html file. Thank you.