Having left this forum.. made me realise..

I got no friends…

So Im back…

Seriously, having economic issues made me leave comodo… Now everything is fine…

Comodo forum seems alive still, Nice… Im not too updated about stuff here but who cares, still running CIS in the background witch should scare off even the most skilled hackers, or?? :slight_smile: :-TU

I got no friends..
You won't find any here either, but seriously. Welcome back to da hood :■■■■

Its okay… Im not that much for hanging out with people anyway… :smiley:

Welcome back. :wink:

Indeed, welcome back, Commanding The Celsius

Jay is nasty as usual especially after becoming a moderator here >:-D

You will get friends. Don’t be frustrated.

You , posted some reasonable messages lately like:

keep it coming guys please!
according to rules, you can vote once a day until 8th!
Keep voting for Comodo please!
We are mobilizing our users, pls keep the momentum.
thanks Melih
What momentum ? What for?

That is worse than punching wrong holes by minority of mislead elderly people … and subsequently having **** for two terms in power with all ugly consequences

… back to business

Sure ! … but the a complete dumb insanity continues :D, as you can see, despite several post by users before & after supporting your point of view … at least those who agree with your opinion are friends … at this moment :wink:

P.S. What are those many lines of blanks between “So Im back…” & “Seriously…”? Was it a sign of a deep thinking process? :stuck_out_tongue:
As for

I’m glad that all is up to shape with personal “economic issues”, but what that has to do with “free Comodo”, unless you wanna have Live Support?
That does not need an answer, since I have no intention to judge or something

It looks as if you left for a while just before I joined, so I just want to say Hi and good to see you return. I am everyones friend if they are not my enemy, so I say you have a friend here. :slight_smile:
Kind regards.

Jay is nasty as usual especially after becoming a moderator here
Why can't you be nice

[at] Celsius,
Welcome back!!

Lots of new stuff to play with. Backup V3 is really nice (a couple of wrinkles but still good). Killswitch is very, very good. System Cleaner is improving rapidly and CIS2011 is still great.

As you can see, some things have remained constant. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey and warm welcome back to comodo forums Celsius :slight_smile:

It’s better to have few “friends” than many. It also depends how you define a “friend”.

I hope you will make good contact to some people that might become “friends”.

Take care and have nice day!

Valentin N

Yes, it’s a sign of a deeper thinking progress. Acctually once you see the name “Commanding The Celsius” you know for sure that that “here is a post worth reading”. (due to the deep thinking process usually used when writing it) :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant that the economic made it impossible for me to spend time on this forum, I had to switch focus and do diffrent things. Still been using CIS free version tho… (just hadn’t had the time to post here) = )

Also: tack Valentin N. And thanks to: captainsticks, Chiron and Panic for the warm welcome back!

If you were need to speak I will take my time to talk to you. My signatures says how you can in touch with :slight_smile:

Valentin N

welcome back :slight_smile:

My welcome pales in comparison to Melih’s 88) but hi. 8)

Maby I send something using PM some day.

Don’t have skype or “comodo connect” installed atm. :-\

Thanks Melih.

Not everyone can be CEO at comodo… But your welcome back is still worth just as much to me :slight_smile:

Maby I send something using PM some day

Okey :slight_smile: du får gärna skriva på svenska då :slight_smile:

Welcome back. I always wondered what became of you. :wink: