Having fits with CPF3 and an ICS network

As I have noted. I am having fits getting CPF3 on a host computer to allow internet access to the client computer on a ICS network.

But going to firewall–common events–view firewall alerts—more
Seems to show what is amiss—CPF3 is blocking all svchost UDP from port 1043 from the ip address of the client computer. And the destination target port of the client request appears to be port 53 on the client computer.

I am trying to implement some rules to allow this access so I can get my network going but no luck so far.

Hey Osage,

We meet again! :wink:

On the host PC, create the following rule

Action : ALLOW
Protocol : UDP
Direction : IN
Description : DNS from Client PC
Source Address : IP address of your non-host PC
Destination Address : IP address of your host PC
Source Port : ANY
Destination Port : 53

Move this rule to the top of your Global Policies list.

Inch by inch, step by step … :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Dear Panic,

I finally got my wife off the host computer—got as far as source an destination port in creating rule,
when it became apparent that its not step by agonizing step on how to get all four items of start IP,
destination ip, start port, and destination port in one rule.

But By somewhat guessing and repeated adding I finally think I have the rule right and moved to the top. But then it occurs to me that I need port 53 out to the client rule also.

So I created a DNS host to Client rule also—not sure which to make top most----and the ■■■■ thing still does not work----still has the client computer fire walled out!!!

Its bed time ===I will send you a log dump in the morning—now I start getting mumbling about ICMP and some type 8 source ports.

Hey Osage,

Give yourself a break for a few days. I may have some new ideas in a day or two.

Ewen :slight_smile: