Having difficulting installing the Free Antivirus from Comodo

Hello… can someone please help me!

I downloaded Comodo, on the download application I selected both Antivirus and Firewall. Only problem is, the Antivirus didn’t install and all I have is the firewall. In the attempt to correct it, I attempted to download the Antivirus as a stand alone, however, once downloaded, it told me that I had the old version of the Firewall and needed to deinstall and reinstall. I did that… same thing happened the second go around. I checked for updates and I am current. So, why no AntiVirus?

Run the uninstaller and choose Add/remove. Does that help?

What is the version number of your CIS install?

I did run the uninstaller… and tried to download it again, kept coming up with the same malfunction. I’ve tried it about five times, same thing each time

And I have no clue which version… it was the one that was free…

What is the version number of your current program? It can be found under Miscellaneous → About.

I also am having problems installing anti virus with CIS

The version i have installed in CIS_Setup_3.8.65951.477_XP_Vista_32
I am running Windows XP service pack 3 and have Spybot search and Destroy 160 and CCleaner on my computer

The install hung when updating virus signatures and I had to reboot a couple of times.
It installed the firewall but no antivirus and says all systems are working perferctly (without an antivirus program)

Any thoughts??

Run the uninstaller and choose add/remove and try installing with the AV again. Does that work for you?

Same thing happened to me when I first installed CIS, it installed only the firewall but that was because I didn’t had my computer connected to the internet. It seems when u install CIS u must have your computer connected to the internet cause when it installs the antivirus it does a database update and attempts to scan your computer for viruses. If the update doesn’t happen it seems that the antivirus doesn’t get installed and then the program runs an installation fixing tool to correct the problem but it results in a faulty installation. Anyways, I have a DEP (Data Execution Prevention) compatible processor and it is turned on and the second time I tried to install the software, the DEP closed CIS installation because it seems that the program doesn’t use/manage the memory correctly and that could result in damage to your computer.
For those of u who don’t have DEP turned on or don’t have a DEP compatible processor all I can say is that u r walking on thin ice (DEP is implemented in win xp to avoid the Blue Screen Crash) cause there r a ton of applications out there that don’t use/manage the memory correctly when they r installed or running (I’ve already lost a memory module and a motherboard in the past). P.S - ever wonder why u guys receive the Blue Screen System Crash???

I, for one, will wait for the 3.9 release of the program to see if this problems r resolved cause I really like this software and I won’t give up on it.

                                                                              Be Safe !!!

Try making exclusions for the installer and CIS with DEP. It is a known problem. Tomorrow v3.9 will be released.