Having a hard time to update my brand new AntiVirus program

Hi everyone,

I´ve installed today a copy of Comodo Antivirus and everytime I try to update the program, I receive the following error message:

“Some applications of the Comodo AntiVirus are running. In order to update Comodo AntiVirus, you have to close these applications. After closing this, click ‘ok” to continue”

So, I exit all running programs (MS Outlook, MS Internet Explorer 7.0 and even the antivirus program itself) and then click on the “ok” button to continue, but I still get the same error message.

What should I do? I need to update my virus signatures, as they´re dated as of June, 2006!

BTW, I´m running Windows XP SP2, version 5.1, in Brazilian Portuguese.

Tks in advance for your help! :BNC

Arnaldo Bittencourt