Having a colored border around sandboxed programs would be useful.

We could know if something is sandboxed that way. Sandboxie and Geswall have that feature. Would be nice to see it in Comodo.

Yes I agree, use sandboxie, too.
+100 :-TU

Avast has it, too.

I would prefer an option to either have a colored border, or some sort of indicator in the title bar text. Like the # symbols that Sandboxie adds by default.


I prefer the title bar text to a colored border.


+1 for colored border
+1 for title bar text also :slight_smile:

+1 for some kind of indication that a program is running in the sandbox.

+1 for both

+1 for some kind of indicator

+1 to quickly tell by appearance when something is sandboxed. I like a changed title bar more than a colored border.



+1 :-TU :-TU

Comodo does have a colour indicator when something is sandboxed.
It is a green border. ;D

Hi Mrarnold,
Does this happen for automatic sand-boxing?

Only if BB is set to fully virtualized, at least it’s like that on my system.

The green border only shows up on fully virtualized programs except in kiosk and yes also effect automatic sandboxing

would be fun if you could pick different colors +100

I imagine the request is to be for auto sand-boxing for non Full Virtualized settings.

Maybe have a different colour for when different restriction settings are used.