Having a bit of a problem w My Blocked Network Zones. Expert Needed!

Well, I really don’t know how to put it. I guess this says all:


Link to full size image

Guessing you want to Block partypoker.

Remove party poker zone from My Network Zones.

Go in My Blocked Network Zones and remove the partypoker zone if still there after you’ve done the above.

Still in My Blocked Network Zones > Add > A New Blocked Address… > Choose A host name.

Enter partypoker. com without the space and Apply

Then > Add > A New Blocked Address… > Choose A host name

Enter www. partypoker. com without the spaces and apply your way out.

Clear your Internet cache or restart your Broswer and it should work.


Edit: to add both with and without the www. because if only one is used the other may still resolve.
TY Ronnie in post following.
PS. You might want to add the partypoker.net variation as well.

Nope, problem is that he’s blocking partypoker.com it should be www.partypoker.com they resolve to different ip addresses, and he’s using www.partypoker.com on his browser.

c:\>dig partypoker.com ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;partypoker.com. IN A

partypoker.com. 300 IN A

c:\>dig www.partypoker.com ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;www.partypoker.com. IN A

www.partypoker.com. 10 IN A

It's supposed to block a "host" name not a complete "domain" name... can't use wildcards also it needs to be a host name that can be resolved at system startup...

Aha! Okay, I see. So the hostname and domain name has different IP:s, interesting… very interesting.


. . .

Seriously, I didn’t even know…

Allow me to rephrase - I have no idea how the IP:s are resolved. If the chills down my spine are justified then I would actually need to specify every single subdomain if I want them blocked?

such as…



Or maybe they are not defined as “hosts”?

Sorry I’m asking sucha trivial question - I’ll just google it.

Thanks for your reply


I think you need an other solutions for this…
Are you trying to block only *.partypoker.com ? or are you looking for a solution that can block much more ?


Well Ronny,

I am actually looking for solutions regarding the latter part (as you figured, eh?), i.e. I am trying to learn how to stay secure, an ability I’d like to acquire and employ in a, not too far away, future. And since you are insinuating that you might have a few pointers, I’d gladly receive those.

The last advice I got was playing around with my hosts file, a story that didn’t have a happy ending (I think - still in the third act).

So please, disclose whatever it is you hesitated to tell me - and I’ll be forever grateful.
Disclaimer: Forever meaning, for as long as copy, right remembers

In any case - thanks guys - you’ve been more than helpful already!

Hi ©

Have a look at this http://www.peerblock.com/ maybe that’s something for you?
I don’t use it but i heard it seems to do the job…

Hope this helps, and if please let me know what you thought about it…