Having a bad day


I installed some windows updates yesterday (win7 64), one of the updates failed. I didn’t think too much more of it and turned the machine off for the day.
The computer would barely get past login today, long story short I had to recover from some corrupted system files with no restore points.
Now the thing is I also updated comodo yesterday because when I did open it the widget was new to me and it wanted to sandbox everything. I use adobe illustrator and when I was going to ‘save as’ the save window was taking forever to render. I tracked problem down to comodo, it rendered perfectly when it was disabled so I reinstalled CFW. I’ve also reinstalled AVG for good measure.
My one remaining problem is Firefox, for the past x months I’ve had WLM and FF set to run at startup (along with CFW and AVG) with no issues. On my SSD WLM opens and an instant later there’s Firefox but not any more. FF takes well over a minute to open (I’ve reinstalled that too) mozilla seem to think it might be CFW holding things up, it is defined as an ‘allowed application’.

Hopefully there’s enough info here to get some useful things to try.

Thanks for any assistance in advance.

Yeah well thanks for all the help. I can really recommend comodo’s support and customer service. Awesome.

Not that anyone at the company cares but I managed to resolve this issue finally after spending even more time fighting against that clunky ■■■ interface. Honestly, comodo used to be one of the few programs held in high regard by myself but with all the bloatware, stealth installs and horrible interface it’s turned to ■■■■ before my eyes.

Your shoddy programming and poor gui design skills have cost me a few hours of my life and I can see by looking around the forum that others are having issues too. Such a shame when something good becomes just another piece of crapware.

Remembering this is mostly a community based Forum and any Staff input is a bonus.
If the community doesn’t know the cause of the issue, you are unlikely to get a reply.

It is good to hear you solved the issue. :-TU
Thanks for your opinion, even if it was more like an abrasive rant.

Kind regards.

Nonsense, my first post was a courteous plea for help. Where am I supposed to get support if not the official company forum? Where were you eleven days ago when this program ruined my computer? No where. I had to sort this **** out on my own and it was a pain and cost me hours of my time.
Freeware or not a company is supposed to supply a functional product that doesn’t ruin your computer in a single update. You are subsidized by the bloatware, the services you’re pushing and the paid subscriptions so the company’s getting paid. I also now have ads popping up on my computer which feels like a violation.

Working at such a deep level of the operating system Comodo has a responsibility not to destroy the functionality of someone’s machine which it has done many times judging by the posts in this forum and across the internet.

This update is terrible, who ever green lit this should be fired. It is a sad day when software you like turns to ****.

Now THAT’S a rant.

First up, I didn’t mention or quote your first post when I mentioned the word rant.
Secondly, where was I 11 days ago, um let me think possible seeing my family or other priority duties after all I am a volunteer Forum Moderator and nothing more.
Thirdly, if it was solely the update that ruined your computer tell me why this doesn’t happen to everyone?
There are lots of other possible factors involved, which are easily missed with one eye closed.
I have been using Comodo products for years on numerous systems and not once have I ruined a computer.
Fourthly, any ads you are seeing have options to disable them.
Fifthly, official support- https://support.comodo.com/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit

As I said it is a Community based Forum, we all help each other when we can.

I still see your second post quoted below as an abrasive sarcastic rant, I am sorry if you do not agree.
Please respect the Forum and Forum members, thank you.

How to appeal against Moderators decisions

Thanks for the support link.

No problem, you are welcome. :slight_smile: