Have you updated to CIS v4?

Let’s hear it for v4.

After a lot of bitching, moaning, cheering, anticipating, etc we got v4. It has its up and its downs. Vote your experience. 8)

Yep, using beta, RC and now final (without AV, CTM is my AV ;D).
Generally speaking everything is fine from my point of view.
Minor annoyances (clearing logs, game mode, nicer interface), high expectation (polishing sandbox, behavioral blocking) all those are belonging to CIS, love it or hate it. :slight_smile:

Only testing in a VM and only the firewall. Just waiting for Outpost 7 to arrive, so I can compare.

I like the way the firewall works, to my mind it’s probably the best of breed in that area, I just wish it had IPv6 support instead kludging IPv4 rules.

I haven’t updated to v4 because I’m waiting to update through the CIS updater ! So you might wanna put another choice in your voting process !
As for the quality of CIS, I never listen when people say oh! CIS is bad, oh! CIS is good, I only listen to what my experience with CIS tells me wich is as follows: after buying top noch security programs like Kaspersky, BitDefender or McAfee and not being able to stay uninfected for more than two or three months and then finding CIS wich is free and spending almost ten months without one single infection so far, then you can understand my opinion about this product.
The people that do not appreciate CIS are simple minded, they are just people without enough knowledge !
Many people can barelly have their way arround computers and this is just like daily life, if you don’t have enough school or knowledge you cannot go really far, maybe only if you have someone to help you !
Also many people talk about CIS being buggy but I never experienced one, maybe v4 has, I didn’t used it yet !
So call me lucky, call me whatever you want but I like to call me smart ! Sometimes you have to do your part in order for things to come together, not just sit arround and wait for some miracle to happen !
People must learn how to set up CIS in order to better protect them and not whine so much about pop-ups, that’s a small price to pay for good security. Learn to have pacience people, it will reward you in the end, trust me !

                                                                                              Peace ![u][/u][b][/b]

After reading about how rogues can bypass the Comodo sandbox, I uninstalled CIS 4, installed Panda Cloud AV, and installed Privatefirewall from Privacyware. Privatefirewall is more efficient than CIS because the former gives you a chance to prevent an unknown program from running. IMHO running an unknown program in a sandbox is inefficient. Should I get a drive-by download, I want to prevent the file from running.

OMG! IBadget I salute you my friend for proving me the truth in what I said in my post above !
I especially love your statement “Should I get a drive-by download, I want to prevent the file from running”

Do you know about CIS’s Defense+ module ???

Can’t believe this ! You see what I’m talkin’ about ?


20+ machines (~30%) migrated to v4.
Still a lot with v3.
My main problem is to teach v3 users how the new version works, mostly about how to stay in a safe place with the “privilege-elevated” feature on sanboxed .exe’s (ok, .exe’s can’t modify the system, but can read and transmit over the net in some cases… and the absence of popups…)
For those machines that still run v3.14 I’m waiting for both automatic-updater and a new revision with some bugs fixed.
My own machine runs v4 on W7, and v3.14 on XP (it’s easier to me to run what my customers are running…)

" No, I will stick with v3.14 till v4 bugs fixes happens. " : I want to be sure that the bugs of 4 afflict only the sandbox and not also the HIPS ( Defense+ ).


Mate, you want to chill out a bit, calling people simple minded is, well, a bit stupid. To be honest I could call you simple minded. I’m 16 and have been using the web since I was 7 and I’ve never had an ‘infection’, which is more than you can say, and believe me, I probably visit a lot of sites I’m not supposed to.

Take a pill man and lay off the name calling.

I first updated, and discovered that I had problems upgrading the program and the virus database - I believe this was due to selecting Comodo’s DNS during install - downgraded to 3.14 and all was fine. - Now (a few days later) I have upgraded again - and all is fine. I believe I will keep v4 now.

Nope and to be honest I am doubtful if I will (upgrade to 4.0) but lets see what version 4.1 has before I say anything bad about the 4 series.

Das, “Mate”… my post wasn’t somewhat a reply to your post above mine, I just refered to a category of people wich I like to call them, well… simple minded. If you somehow feel included in that category or think that I refered to your person in that post, it’s your own bussiness.
I’m not gonna have a debate here with you about life things that you obviously need to grow into since you say you’re 16.
And trust me, if you say you are sixteen and browse the web for nine years and didn’t got one infection so far, well… I think u either don’t browse that much sites that “you’re not supposed to” or either you don’t know the implications of an “infection” and so u can’t recognize one or you’re just simply the most fortunate person on this planet !
Feel free to comment as I’m not gonna write another reply to you, got better things to do with my time !

                                                                                                     Victor out !

:-TDHey… Avast 5 & PC Tools is a lot easyer to run… So thats my last word on this site…BYE-BYE… ;D

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I’ll stick to version 3.14 until the bugs in 4 are worked out and so far I notice most problems stem with the sandbox feature. I have seen it said in various threads in the forum that selecting proactive security and disabling the sandbox feature will make it be just like in 3.14.

I don’t use the antivirus only the firewall so I guess later I shall try version 4.

There was a rogue that managed to do stuff outside of the sandbox. Subsequently a lot of noise was made with broad and sweeping statement by just several people. That was an exception and will be dealt with in an update:

Today I read a post from one of our users who had tested the sandbox with some rogues he has for testing. The sandbox did a good job there. I can find the topic I will post the url here.

I reverted back to 3.14 but if there’s no real effort to fix the problems I’m going to find another security solution for my PC.