have you updated comodo? CIS 6.1.27667.2813

I have an update that is not on comodo forum

Yes, updated. Several bugs fixed.

Fixed! Firewall slows down internet connection under some conditions
Fixed! Memory leak when firewall blocks the packets
Fixed! Antivirus does not detect some packed samples
Fixed! Windows XP boots very slowly
Fixed! Blank message boxes appear during program updates


Great thanks!!!

Yeah, 2801 really caused slow booting on my office PC. I found it when changed CIS 2801 for DefenceWall.

Nice surprise, thanks!


Can somebody please tell me whether the conflict with Avast 8 is fixed in this build?

No. Too soon for such fix. Better wait and see if Avast will fix this issue in a new program update. Also I’m not even sure that such bug was submitted to Comodo for the fix on the 1st place.

Which conflict are you talking about.?

Do you mean the webshield and firewall conflict.?
If so then its fixed in 5.12 so i would say it is fixed in the new version.

Im using comodo firewall 5.12 and avast 8 at the moment and i can successfully block comodo dragon from connecting to the internet.
No problem in blocking anything in fact.

Here is the file information:
144 MB (151.247.144 bytes)

CRC32: 117C35F7
MD5: B6F660160AA4D96528092F15A06B7439
SHA-1: 9805BAC6C75FD8A32126C2A9C6A6BF0F0B1F7BCF

I have updated the release topic to reflect the changes in 6.1.27667.2813.

I will lock this topic. Let’s continue in the release topic.