Have you seen any testing report from www.amtso.org?

I browsing amtso web site, but I can not find any testing report from this site.
So, I am interested in :Has anyone seen their AV testing report?


I don’t believe AMTSO is a testing site, like av-comparative.org is for anti-virus software and Matousec is for firewalls. It is an organisation whose aim is to define standards on how to test anti-malware products.

The problem is that each testing company currently has their own ideas on how to test and sometimes, their testing methods don’t take into account the constantly shifting nature of malware, or new, emerging methods of providing protection. Similarly, there is no unified, standarised, industry accepted definition of what is malware?

AMTSO’s goal is, by collaboration and co-operation with industry peers, to provide definitions and standards for testing organisations, not to be one themselves.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Then how can it be of the following quoted from Melih:

Reread the quote. ‘Compliant tests’.
Please read the two ATMSO documents found at this link.