Have you noticed less pop-ups with CIS compared to CFP?

please let us know your views.



I am sure this will keep improving!! Like Sandbox in future. :a0


As I have mentioned before but haven’t got a respsonse… the less pop-ups are reducing security - For example unknown key loggers to the AV or Screen Captures. The defense+ component is not set to monitor the keyboard/monitor by defualt. Though users can fix this by looking at the picture I’ve attached;

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I have everything checked on the monitor settings page and I did not even get one popup when I installed a new app just now. So my answer to Melih is Yes, I noticed.


+1 Even with all Settings on there are less pop ups.

By the way, Default Settings in Final version of CIS now look like this.


much less. Great work, guys.

YES :-La
i thought it’s because the image execution control setting was disabled :slight_smile:

edit: oh and i was using clean PC mode, so i don’t know if D+ pop up really is reduced or because of my different setting :slight_smile:

Yes there are less pop-ups now


I also do agree. This is great. The pop ups has reduced drastically. Thumbs Up Comodo.

I have to say the opposite. less pop-ups are actually increasing security, not reducing it. showing pop-ups all the time will just cause the user to answer yes on every pop-up, effectively rendering the security warnings useless.

Yes, there is a definite improvement: less pop-ups. :-TU

Regrettably I can’t answer in that FAQ topic. Does the installer detect whether the user chooses to install AV part of CIS and does it modify the D+ settings accordingly? $.02 say no it doesn’t

you can take back your 2 cents ;D


If you choose “COMODO Firewall” on installation, You will have 3 options:

  1. Firewall Only

  2. Firewall with Optimum Proactive Security -

  3. Firewall with Maximum Proactive Defense+

  4. Will provide Full Defense+ Settings (Everything ticked), Following up on gibran’s quote.


And if you install the full CIS,
How does the AV component make pop-up’s less while providing the same security level?

Because the D+ & Firewall technologies have been UPDATED as well. Melih better at explaining this stuff…


I would be very interested in a reply from melih or a dev as I did not get one with my thread in the “Computer Security Testing Board”

Without getting too technical (cos we worked ■■■■ hard to come up with these ways and giving it away to our competitors so that they can charge their users by simply reading these posts and learning from our R&D and our investment would not be fair to us:) ) we have innovated many different ways to shift security issues around. The bottom line is: it still protects the users from malware than all other AVs.


That’s fair enough, You don’t want sharing secrets so companies can copy and charge… :slight_smile: Good idea.

That is off limits for me. It must be at the admins part of the forum… (:NRD)