Have you ever been infected whilst using Comodo? [poll]

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The question and the existing answers are quite weird in combination. “How many people […]” “Yes” or “No” Perhaps change the question to something like “Have you ever […]” so the answers make more sense.

Thanks for the suggestion - I have changed the poll :slight_smile:

No and neither has my system. ;D :wink:

Can the PC even get infected with CIS protection? I wish that was true LOL! ;D

I had no malware infection since I started using CIS. Few years down the line now my system is always clean. :rocks:

Yes, of course. :wink:

No for me. I installed Comodo firewall in 2006 after only having the internet for 1 year. My ISP was charging 5€ per month for security so I looked for a free alternative. I used to scan with other programs but they never found anything, so now I may do that once per year.

My computer has never had an infection when using CIS, even when I tried to infect it.

Various places I work have another popular (paid) product protecting their network computers & those computers have been infected several times in the last year. Last time was about a week ago: FBI randsomware took over the computer.

It would seem that Comodo has the ability to stop malware dead in it’s tracks! Is Comodo better than other security software; according to Melih, no (antivirus companies are purely cleaning products.) That’s what I struggle to comprehend…?

The one thing I need help with, I set-up Comodo as Chiron states, but BB set at untrusted messes up some downloads, then registry keys show error(s) and I have to try and remove a partly installed software

The limitations set by the sandbox default settings will contain most of the malware. It will run but it can’t change the system; after a reboot or terminating it it won’t be back. With the sandbox you don’t need signatures.

With the current amount of malware being produced no av solution can keep up with that even with the use of heuristics and generic signatures. See McAfee dumps signatures and proclaims an (almost) end to botnets… as an example of a traditionalist starting to move away from signature based solutions.

The default partially limited setting of the sandbox is a balance of keeping regular unknown programs working while also securing the user. To tackle recent malware that does not get caught you can follow Chiron’s advice to raise the security level of the automatic sandbox.

This poll does not make much sense as a determination of how safe comodo is.
I could have answered the same poll with the same question and answer for any product that i used.
While i can count a lot of ways how all of these could not protect in specific situations!
So, my answer does not reflect the safety of these products in general, even though its true.

For example:
Once i installed comodo for someone, explained how to. Made it as safe as possible. Some days later it was full with banking trojans.
I was like… ???

If someone does not care, he will get infected.

The big thing (other companies are now realizing) is the Default Deny architecture CIS has been using for years.
To me, issues arise when unknown (safe) programs are run. Creating the perfect (working) balance does require some settings adjustments and time on the part of the user. But it is achievable.
With new security layers introduced, re achieving that balance becomes harder. But I have faith in what Comodo can and will accomplish, given time, and the time spent by the users themselves.
Cheers :slight_smile:

A person like that fully deserves what happens to them.

If you jump into deep water knowing you don’t know how to swim…

Such a person needs more guidance.

Thanks for all the votes 37 people voted they had not been infected by malware since using Comodo, with 2 saying they had been infected using Comodo.

It just shows that Comodo is the BEST security software…

To the people who said YES to “Have you ever been infected whilst using Comodo?”

Can you please share your experience? :slight_smile:

CIS may be excellent but the 2 paragraphs above are completely unrelated.

Nope. Have not been infected by malware while using Comodo. Big thumbs up for comodo team :-TU

I agree with your statement, however it usually proves futile to do so. The person who doesn’t care, wont care for your guidance either. I’ve done volunteer education work for over 13 years. Those who want to learn will do so, and those who don’t want to, wont, no matter how much guidance is provided.