have virus, comodo won't run

HI all, would appreciate advice. A bunch of random windows started popping up today that I am sure is a virus, which I could not close down. I shut down my computer and restarted it in safe mode. When I try to run comodo I get the following error message:

  • ERROR Code 0X80004002

which I am assuming is due to the virus. I tried reinstalling comodo by running the install file again and it says I need to first uninstall comodo. I tried doing this in Add/Remove programs but it says that the Windows Installer is not installed properly (likely the virus again). Would appreciate any advice on how I can get rid of this virus. I run virus scans regularly so I’m not sure how this cropped up.

I am running Windows 7 Professional. Thank you.

Try scanning the system with malwarebytes free & hitmanpro free & see if they can eliminate the malware.


Thanks for the advice, I ran a full scan on Malaware Bytes and it did not find anything. I cannot update Malaware bytes and again from Windows Safe Mode it won’t run Comodo, I get the error message:

Update failed. Error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported.

I have a feeling this is due to the virus. Any other thoughts for what I should do next? I’m concerned to go back into Windows regular mode.

grab a bootable av, download kaspersky rescue disk, burn it to a cd and boot from it, run a full scan and repair whatever it finds. http://rescuedisk.kaspersky-labs.com/rescuedisk/updatable/

Thanks for the suggestion, it doesn’t seem to work. I burned the ISO to a DVD and then tried to boot from it on my other computer and it initially shows some Kaspersky screens, asks if I want to boot from it, I selected it, it then shows several DOS-like screens where it is running many processes, then it takes me to a screen full of millions of pixels of all colors. After this the screen goes blank and I hear the DVD go quiet and then it just stays at this screen interminably without any noticeable activity from the DVD.

I restarted the computer and tried to reboot from the DVD in text mode but then it gets to the screen with millions of multiple pixels and stays on this screen forever. This time I feel as though something may be happening as I hear the DVD become active and go quiet again, active and quiet, but it has done this about 10 times abd there is no noticeable activity on the screen, just a gazillion colored pixels. Maybe there is a problem with this rescue disk, is there another one I can use?

try dr web live cd http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd/?lng=en

Thanks, I have the virus scanner running now so hopefully this will take care of the problem. It has probably already been going for 4 hours and all I’m seeing is Oracle stuff, part of me is concerned that it is repeating itself, but I guess the Oracle basic installation must just have millions of files.

Has anyone used the Dr. Web Live CD Scanner as a boot disk and know how long it should take? It’s been running for about 20 hours now.

I am not really familiar with Dr. Web Live CD but 20 hrs does not seem right to me. Unless you are scanning a dozen Terabytes of data or more.

Interesting. I found 1 reference on the Internet for it running 20 hours, at this point I’m well over 24 hours. Maybe it is just really slow? Or could it be a sign of how badly infected my machine is? I’ll give it until the morning and see if it finishes otherwise maybe I’ll just shut it off and take it in somewhere.

My instinct thinks there may be an issue with the Dr. Web scanner.

yes i have. and different machines produce different scan speeds. the scanning engine is incredibly slow on a full system scan. i recommend a custom scan and simply scan suspected files and folders rather than all in one go.

It can take a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time, but 20+ hours is getting towards the top end of my experience with it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Update in my situation:

I didn’t have time to do anything this morning so I left and when I returned from work the Dr. Web scanner finished after 48 hrs!! It said that it found 2 threats and mentioned something about renaming 1. I entered Windows and then ran a full Comodo scan and it found 4 threats. I selected clean and it said it cleaned all 4. I am now running a Malwarebytes scan. Updated Comodo and Malwarebytes. Does this seem sufficient or are there more steps I should take?

please download hitman pro and run that and let us know if it finds anything http://www.surfright.nl/en/hitmanpro

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

It found about 90 tracked cookies and 1 file it found suspicious (which I got rid of).

you can also try bitdefender disk, http://download.bitdefender.com/rescue_cd/bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso durn it to a cd and boot form it, let me know if it finds anything, also don’t forget to update it ( you will need a wired internet connection).

You could try Avira Rescue System, too. It doesn’t update automatically, but I like it as a single download. Because most of the time, downloading the definitions myself is faster and in some cases, modules can’t download the definitions at all. At least with ARS, I’m very much assured I can scan immediately.

When you are in safe mode, your computer only loads the essential drivers. Since COMODO isn’t an essential driver, it wont load. But if you want to run a scan in safe mode, then watch this video.

did u try comodo rescue disk?