Have to turn-off Comodo to get network working

You may recall that I had a problem with ICS because when I ran the wizard to add my network adapter as a trusted zone, it did so with the wrong IP range. Well, after correcting that I got ICS working, but I still have another problem with my network. If I disconnect the network, to get it working again after reconnecting it, I have to first disable Comodo (otherwise I get ‘Limited or No Connectivity’ on the client computers). Once the network is connected, I can re-enable Comodo and it all works fine again. I presume it is because the IP range specified is for once the network is connected… before it is connected the client is trying to connect on a different IP address and so is blocked (I’m just guessing).

It would be great if in the next version of the firewall you could somehow make the ‘add a trusted zone wizard’ easier to set-up the network without having to play around with the settings.

I used the Automatic Settings when I installed the program and then just did Add Trusted Network. It automatically recognized my wireless connection and set rules for my trusted network. In previous versions to 2.3 there was a problem with Comodo Monitoring DNS queries and Protection against advanced trojan protocols. The new Stable Release of 2.3 will be out tomorrow and you’ll be able to download it from the Comodo main site. For the time being if you make sure that “Monitor DNS Queries” is unchecked as well as “Protection Against Trojan Protocols” and “Secure Host While Booting” are all unchecked you should no longer have the Limited or No Connectivity problem. If you then do a Repair Wirless Connection you should see that it manages to clear DNS Cache which was part of the problem. Hope this helps! 2.3 is so different and so much better than any of the previous versions! You’ll have a lot less trouble with the new stable tomorrow.