Have to reset sandbox every time I want to use Kiosk.

Well the title says it: the Kiosk just hangs on the loading screen (which I didn’t even used to see) forever… The only solution is to reset the sandbox and then it works once… Is there a solution?

Can you please post a screenshot of this loading screen it gets stuck on?

Its not doing it all the time anymore, sometimes it just takes a while… other times, I can leave it loading overnight and it doesn’t start.

It shouldn’t be doing that, even intermittently.

How did you upgrade to version 6.0? Did you uninstall the old version and install the new one. I’m thinking that what you’re seeing could be due to a conflict, either with CIS V 6.0 and remnants of an older version, another active security program, or remnants of an older removed security program.

Can you please let me know if there are any other security software running on the computer? Also, did you have any installed in the past?


I have had this Windows 8 PC since last December, it originally came with McAfee, which I installed ZoneAlarm over then removed McAfee for Avira. I used ZoneAlarm for a while until I had some problems with a ZA file called vsdatant.sys causing the system to crash to a blue screen with message: “Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”. After ZoneAlarm frustrations I tried Comodo, but I’m pretty sure now that I downloaded v5 from Cnet, and it caused some serious compatibility issues with Windows 8 so I switched to PrivateFirewall for a while but was unhappy with my configuration and switched back to ZA.

Once I found out that the occasional BSOD was caused by ZA (January), I looked into Comodo again and figured v6 was stable enough for Windows 8 and have been using that ever since. I used to run SpyBot S&D, and installed a program called “Unhackme” because it found a rootkit on a local computer, but it didn’t find anything on mine. Unhackme came with a program called RegRun, and for some reason I couldn’t uninstall it, so I had to go through and delete files manually and a tiny bit from the registry… THAT concerns me, and to be honest I don’t remember if I ever did a system restore to before install… Oh and somewhere along the line I switched from Avira to AVG. I plan on dropping AVG soon, for either Comodo AV or Bitdefender (hopefully along side Comodo firewall)

I am also running Zemana AntiKeylogger, WinPatrol.

I will remain observant as to what might be causing Kiosk to hang, I just reinstalled Firefox due to the possibility of a bad extension but besides that not much has changed…