have to re-set modem with every re-boot

Since installing Comodo Firewall about a week ago, I have to re-set the modem whenever I restart or power on the computer. It also happens sometimes when the computer is left on overnight – internet connectivity is lost and I have to re-boot and power off the modem to regain connectivity. Can I adjust something in Comodo to prevent this from happening? Other than this, I love the protection that Comodo has provided. My internet service provider is Comcast. Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the forums, whitecollar.

What you describe sounds very much like a DHCP address assignment timeout. If you check your firewall events log, I’d expect that you will see a lot of blocked traffic for UDP ports 67 and 68. If you see these in your log, then DHCP is your problem. The solution for that would be to allow DHCP address assignment. But, let’s see what your log says first.