Have to allow the same program over and over

I’ve been having issues where the same program has to be allowed multiple times over a period of hours or days. Yes, I’m sure I’ve checked Remember. This gets old after awhile.

Some of these interfere when starting a game like Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield 2. Sometimes when the game stops, I can Alt-Tab and see/respond to a popup for some other program.


To further elaborate on this point, this weekend I tried to configur BF2. BF2 will freeze on a dark transition screen. After a while I realize it must CPF that is holding it up with a popup. I ALT-TAB but because the video settings are set to BF2, I have a Windows screen that is unusable to do anything. Only when I bring up Task Manager and kill BF2 (you cannot switch over to any app), do I quickly see the CPF popup. The problem is that the moment you kill the application (BF2 in this case), the popup then disappears and thus I cannot ALLOW that app. I eventually had to add all the BF2 exe’s as my trusted application but even then I had a lot of problems until I followed a suggestion where I created 2 rules that allowed BF2.exe to allow UDP In and UDP out.

Work-around on this issue here. Different application, same issue I think.

I have that problem with Firefox and Avira, I was able to manualy configure Avira, but the same steps don’t work with Firefox.