Have to allow fragmented IP for AOE:3 to work on Hamachi - is there a fix?

I was trying to get Age of Empires 3 working with my friend over Hamachi.

I found that to get it to work, I had to disable “Block fragmented IP datagrams”

Now the firewall recommends I leave this on, but it seemed the only way to get the game to work.

Is it possible to get this working without having to disable this option? I would rather have it enabled for security. Is it possible to allow fragmented IP but only for a specific program or network adaptor etc?

How are you blocking fragmented IP datagrams? Ideally that’s what you want to do.

I have attached an image showing the option and how to access it.

I must uncheck that box to allow the game to work, but I don’t want to have to. I want to know if there is a way around this, so I don’t have to uncheck it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanx for the reminder on that. I have that checked. You want that checked.

I don’t play Age of Empires. I play Civ III totally modded to the gills. I play Masters of Orion 3 totally modded to the gilss with Strawberry / Tropical. I play F1 2002 totally modded to the gills with the RH2002 mods. I play Falcon 4 totally modded to the gills with the BMS mods.

Oh, I almost forgot: I play Win SPMBT (LZ X-Ray) too. Oh, and I play Sub Command totally modded to the gills with SCXII and stuff. I also play Descent III. That’s totally un-modded. Oh, and I play Unreal Tournament. That’s sort of config tweaked rather than “modded” though.

Sorry. Don’t play Age of Empires. I doubt its any good. Probably can’t even be patched or modded I bet. Is it any good?

How does it feel to want?

The rules state:

Block fragmented IP Datagrams - When a connection is opened between two computers, they must agree on a Mass Transmission Unit (MTU). IP Datagram fragmentation occurs when data passes through a router with an MTU less than the MTU you are using i.e when a datagram is larger than the MTU of the network over which it must be sent, it is divided into smaller ‘fragments’ which are each sent separately. Fragmented IP packets can create threats similar to a DOS attack. Moreover, these fragmentations can double the amount of time it takes to send a single packet and slow down your download time.

Comodo Firewall is set by default to block fragmented IP datagrams i.e the option Block Fragmented IP datagrams is checked by default.

I’m going to defer to the Comodo dev geeks on this one.

I think the “band-aide” is to un-check that option when you play that obscure game. Its weird that a turn based game such as Age of Empires needs frag’d frames; sounds like something some FPS would need, e.g., Call to Battle or sumpin.