HAve questions about firewall and programs

Hi all, I just found Comodo firewall and am giving it a try, first of all, I am impressed with the details this firewall has and the features that are in it. very nice product here
my questions however are
1 - Is there a way to have Comodo detect all programs that want to ACCESS the internet from my computer. So far it does a good job of popping up alerts when the most common ones ask like IE or Messenger, but It didnt give me an alert when i used Yahoo messenger, it just allowed it to hook up.
2nd On the sys tray Icon I figured the green arrow going up torwards top of screen is allowing traffic to go out but is the Red arrow that is going towards bottom of screen allowing traffic to come in ? or is it blocking traffic from coming in?
Maybe possible update that could be done is use green arrows in both directions that is allowed traffic and use red arrows in both direction for traffic that is denied.
Just my 2 cents worth. overall I like this firewall alot better than mcafees firewall.

Welcome cbul7210 (:WAV)

Glad you’re liking the FW.

  1. If an application is on CFP’s encrypted safelist (which is enabled by default - Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous/“Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”) it won’t alert you, but will allow it to connect. If you run the Application Wizard (Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications) this will create App rules for any applications known to the FW.

  2. Systray icon. Well, I think there’s been some confusion over that. I don’t use it myself, so off the top of my head I’m not sure which way it’s going. I think green is out and red is in; it is not showing blocks. I believe that Version 3 is supposed to address the animation and make some improvements.

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Thanks for the fast reply little Mac, I unchecked that option and now when an app wants to access the net, i get a pop-up alert, I preferr to see what programs are actully asking for access and ones that dont. As far as the color in the sys tray icon, I would believe the unversal color of green usually means go while red means stop but currently its a little confusing as at the moment the way I would read the animation is i have green outgoing stream but I have blocked (red) incoming stream but I know this is false otherwise my apps wouldnt work on the net as they would need to recieve incoming packets. Which is why I would like to see in a future release something like green arrows in both direction for allowed traffic and then use red arrows for traffic that has been denied and arrows can show weather it was denied for outoing or denied for incoming. If i remember correctly I think Tiny firewall has that little trick there (I know it was one of the firewalls I tried out long time ago.)

cbul7210 :■■■■

Great, just keep in mind that you may have to “google” some stuff you get popups on (for various Windows services), if you’re not intimately familiar with them. A lot of people have ended up blocking their entire internet because they blocked (for example) svchost.exe, and thus were unable to obtain an IP address. Just FYI ~ you may see stuff you’ve never heard of before. :wink:

Tray animation, well, I don’t even use it; to me it’s just eye candy. We’ll see what they do it in Version 3; like I said, I think some changes are in the mix for it.