Have problem with a game

Im having problem with a game which is not working with the comodo firewall. Its DTR2 racing game. I have it set to allow but when i try to connect to the gaming servers it locks up my system.

I can not even ALT &Tab out. I get the pop-up from comodo asking me to allow the program which is needed for me to race,(which i have allready set it to allow). but i can not get it to allow as it crashes the game.Only way i can play is by shutting off the firewall which i dont want to do.

any suggestions. All the other games works great no problems just can not get DTR2 and comodo will NOT work with each other for me. (:AGY)

I even removed the game from the list and tried to have it learn for itself and that didnt work, went to connect to the server and it locked. I can not ALT & Tab out alt&f4 doesnt work, it just crashes the whole system.

Hope its ok to bump this topic, but I try and explain whats going on

yea, I have problems with this game and my firewall.

My firewall will NOT allow the game to connect to the servers,When i try to ALT&TAB out of the game the game carshes and there fore I’m not able to allow the firewall to allow the game to work.more in less it crashes my system… need to play game window mode so when the pop up box that my firewall ask me to allow the game to connect I would be able to do that but i can not ALT&TAB out of dtr2 to do that

Does that help anyone? As I would like to play the game without it crashing my system.


If you can send me the name of the executable file that you double click to start the game, I’ll see if I can set up some rules to get it working.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I have them allready in the last and they are both set to allow but when i start the game and go to connect to the servers it crashes. And for some reason the game can not ALT & Tab out of the game to get to the popup box to allow me to play the game.