Have p7s, want pfx

I just got my code-signing certificate as a p7s file. In years past, I’ve gotten a pvk/spc pair. (1) Why did I get a p7s file? (2) How do I convert it to a pvk/spc pair or to a pfx file (which is what I ultimately want)?

I should have added that I’m on a Mac (but I can copy the .p7s file to a Windows machine if necessary).

After some Google-ling and trial-and-error, I:

  1. Imported the .p7s file into Keychain Access.
  2. Exported the cert to a .p12 file (with a password).
  3. Renamed the .p12 file to a .pfx file (since it’s my understanding that they’re the same thing).
  4. Now using the .pfx file.

It seems to work.