have i put the right checkmarks in the boxes here on firewall please reply

hi ive put the firewall basic free comodo 1 on my pc windows 7 just wondering have i put the right checkmarks in the boxes here. on behavourl settings ive put checkmark in the box that says protect the arp cache. and also one in the 1 that says block fragmented ip datagrams. also 1 in the box that says block gratuitous arp frames and one in the box i ticked that says do protocol analysis and i left the 1 blank that said monitor ndis protocols other than tcp/ip and the firewall settings as in security defense in safe mofe i see the outbound and inbound traffic numbers there going up and down hope that right please reply back thx.

Your settings are fine. :-TU

I have protect the ARP cache enabled to prevent abuse of ARP cache poisoning on the local network. I do not block gratuitous arp frames. It is only needed when under the ARP cache is under attack.

Block fragmented IP datagrams should be enabled by default (see the comment in the interface).

The NDIS monitoring is disabled by default.