Have GUI display only installed modules!

Since I use only the CFW, I would like to be able to not show the a/v on the GUI.
I would also like to see a screen during the install to load only what I want. I don’t use any type of sandbox or kiosk of any kind. I fail to see why I cannot un-select them and not install those modules. Something similar to avast. With avast the GUI shows only what I install and not what I do not want.

See screenshots.

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+1 I do love this idea and believe me Avast is getting to clever for Comodo

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Just need to (add) have been reported in the GUI - not active when not in use.( For example: icon-crossed and change the color.)

Sandbox - if you do not need can be turned off.

VK - just do not start. (How to turn it off I do not know. Did not go into details.)

The main thing that they removed a components - Dragon and GB.


Avast just needs to sort the problems out with the bluescreens. 88)

I’m in favor of this but I fear it would lead to a serious need to redesign the GUI. Right now, you only have text that changes from “active” to “inactive” or similar whereas the graphical part of the GUI remains unaffected. If you ask for whole sections to disappear, the GUI would need a revamp make its graphic parts dynamic and not static like they are now.

It would be nice, but I fear Comodo doesn’t have the manpower for this to be accomplished anytime soon. I’d love to be proved wrong, of course.

The AV component can be removed or just not installed with the Firewall.

I totally believe that is your opinion. :wink:

Screenshots of the new GUI were disclosed earlier this week so a discussion about “wishes” with the GUI at this point in time is senseless.

I am not impressed with avast,s performance at all.
I have never had as many BSODS as i had when i tried avast and the avast forum is full of BSOD issues.
Instead of acknowledging this the avast forum members would rather blame the end users.

I have never experienced a BSOD when comodo was installed i might add.

You’ll never know as my lips are steal.

To those addressing the BSOD issues concerning avast. Keep this in mind, forums are generally filled with users posting issues. Very rarely do you see a user posting a compliment. For every complaint there are countless others “not” having the same issue. Anytime any user installs any software they run the risk of adverse side effects. I’m quite sure if I hunt long enough I will find this forum has users complaining about longer boot times and possible lock-ups. Yes, I am a member of the avast forums and have experienced issues with their a/v. Likewise I am a member of this forum and have experienced an issue with CFW. I will not slam Comodo nor will I ever slam/insult another company because of an issue which they have acknowledged and are working on a fix. I’m sure Comodo had a ton of issues to fix during beta testing, and even some after the official roll-out.

It isn’t that those modules are either enabled or disabled. It’s if they are “not” installed they shouldn’t show up on the GUI. If they aren’t there (installed), don’t display them. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the Sandbox components are part of the Defense+ which are integrated into the suite and will be installed with either the FW or the AV or both.

Everyone please stay on topic, thank you.