Have Gone Back to the Comodo Version 2.4

I have returned to the Older Comodo Firewall 2.4 Version owing to the highly sophisticated programming of the Comodo 3.0.

This relates to when I am away where I find my family members, who are not computer literate get confused and have no idea what to do when the Comodo Firewall presents to them the high number of programming indications instructions

I have found the Comodo 2.4 Firewall program seems to roll on with managing within on its own self.

The Comodo 3.0 in my experience interferes with my PhotoImpact 3X, asking to reconfigure the PI X3 at computer startup of which in turn gives the me X3 programming problems. To overcome this I have to do a “Repair” of the PhotoImpact X3 [Through Control Panel/Add/Remove = Not a uninstall]

Added Later This afternoon
From Computer Startup my Computer using the Version 3.0 takes nealy a minute longer to finalise the Windows programming for me to access any programs [With the Version 2.4 computer takes 60 seconds = With the Version 3.0 takes 120 Seconds???]

Yes I do realise the Comodo 3.0 would give me a higher protection

Many thanks
So now I will stay with the Comodo 2.4 Version.

Hi ColinD

CFP 2.4 is a fine product and will protect you better than most firewalls that are out there. I’m glad you are happy with it.

All the best


A good understanding and patients goes along way.

this is correct, it is the best firewall under WinXP this one gives it, only harms that there is not the version for WinVista either. :-TU

I too am using 2.4 - it seems to do the job and doesn’t pester me too much.

If you’re using Avast!, the latest Beta has HIPS as well, so that’s another bit of cover.

I have the same problem, have you planned to fix this ?


… any response ? Will be fix ?

What is your current CFP 3 version & other security software you have installed?

Comodo v

I have Avast! installed too !

I have Avast and Comodo on XP SP3 and my boot up is fine. I only have Avast,Comodo and my Logitech stuff boot up also. My start up folder is very slim. You can always clean out your prefetch folder and defrag your boot files. I use TuneXP. If you want to compare Online Armor and Zone Alarm take twice as long as Comodo on boot up.

Strange… with Comodo 2.4 it was very fast but not with this version ! All my start up program load fast except comodo who makes long time to lauch :frowning:

If 3.0 is only a minute longer I wouldn’t complain about that. I never actually sit and watch my pc (both of them) boot up. I have tried every firewall out there and Comodo 3.0 is the best. Also you cannot compare 3.0 and 2.4. Comodo 3.0 is much more then a firewall. It is also a HIPS program. Try doing my suggestions first. What other programs do you have on auto start?

Avast, Taskix, PStart and Comodo firewall.

Try disabling Taskix & PStart.