Have Firewall - what other progs do I need?

I have just installed Comodo Firewall Plus as all the reviews on the net have been great. I was about to install Avira Antivir (sorry if the mention of other products offends). But is this the best way to go?
The Firewall looks comprehensive and a browse in this forum indicates that perhaps I should consider other Comodo products - Antivirus and Defense+.
So, back to basics - do I need an antivirus program with this Firewall? Is the Comodo prog good? Should I install Internet Security?
Sorry if these questions are a bit basic but I am a newbi as far as security programs are concerned

If you use internet a lot and use USB to copy files from other computers, it is advisable to have an AV may be AVG or Antivir or Avast (if you are patient enough, CIS may be released in the near future with CAVS3 as antivirus - presently under beta testing), an anti-spyware (like Superantispyware or Malwarebytes Antimalware).

CFP with D+ do prevent your computer (considerably), but depends a lot on our awareness and alertness about the pop-ups. Still, it is advisable to have Antivirus and Antispyware along with Firewall.

Hi Layman. Yes it does seem a good idea to have a separate antivirus and antispyware program to add to Comodo Firewall. I think I will go ahead with the idea of using Avira free program.
Thanks for your input

Always welcome.

Hello naggis, This forum is pretty much free speech… As long as it doesn’t cause arguments and doesn’t offend anyone.

Maybe you might like to look at this…

List of Free AntiMalware programs

I’ll add that alot of people here use Avast! and comodo together and are very happy.

Hi Kyle
Thanks for the free antivirus etc. software list. I have installed Avast to go with the Comodo firewall and have been impressed so far. Once both programs had settled in and learned what I want, they just get on with the job without fuss - great, just what I wanted
There seems to be no reason to go to a non free program as these two work together well and seem to give all the protection you need.

Your welcome :slight_smile: Avast! and CPF seem to be a popular choice around here