Have bug after update 19 Jan


I use CIS 3.13.12709.81 and Windows XP SP3 on standart power PC.

I had updated AV bases by 19 Jan and have rebooted PC.

Now AV real-time scanner make slow application which I run every times.
Disabled scanner do not slow application.
Active real-time scanner halt application on time, set on “Show messages durning ___ sec” (i don’t know how it setting called in English version true). And I have not any messages, but CIS make my programs paused. Why?

One of paused programm I put here (process manager).

A have not viruses or rootkits on PC.

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Could you tell me where is “AV incremental scanner’s bases” located on PC?

I would try safe-delete any AV-bases manually and “incremental bases” to make update again.

May be problem is no more than incorrect update.

In case you want to redownload the av signatures there is only one way to go. First download the latest bases.cav from Where can i download the latest full AV database? and then let CIS update the incremental ones.

Thanks you.

Just now I have installed CIS on virtual machine (for tests only) and test it with updates.

Really, new base makes CIS slower. But, attached program (PETools) runs without freeze-effect…

Then I compared CIS folder on virtual machine and real PC (file-by-file md5) and have not differences (exclude config files, of course).

Now I think that it is “Stateful File Inspection” faults (%windir%\system32\drivers\sfi.dat). I will have maked backup and will try remove this file. May be AV can build SFI base without errors.

There is very strange AV realtime-scanner bug…

I told about this parameter.

AV realtime-scanner block any programm on this time without messages (without alerts) and without CPU loads. I’m sure it’s so really.

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If Stateful Inspection is involved then the problem should not occur with the AV set to on access either. Can you confirm this?

Yes, logically.

But may be engine-logic have different from our logoc. At last, it’s bug.

Once AV detects malware and write it in log with disabled realtime scanner without any alerts. It’s strange too and have not logic.

There are several reports about CPU choking (for no apparent reason).

I am not suffering from locks ups that seem to have no reason but on my system with older hardware it tends to choke Explorer when opening a folder with lots of files like system 32 or my folder with software downloads (installers and archives are quite a challenge for AV’s; not just for Comodo; I have seen it happen with AVG 8.x and 9.x).

I noticed that changing the AV from Stateful to on access makes things manageable. The CPU usage is high but doesn’t choke navigation in Explorer anymore.

It looks like stateful inspection may be playing a role. Who of you has set the AV to Stateful? Can you see what happens when you change the AV setting to On access?

Happens nothing.

I told about: real-time scanner (on access or stateful) makes several programs freezed on time “Keep an alert on screen”. It’s happens w/o alerts and offten w/o CPU loads.

On other PC I have typical trouble with 100% CPU load when CIS starts. All trouble happened after 19 Jan.

Please your attention. I have noticed there are at the moment two kind of performance problems with the AV 3.13. One “general” performance problem and one likely to be caused by faulty update around January 17-18.

For the faulty AV definition update I made a test case in which I want volunteers to participate. I tried this myself and it got rid off certain reported problems that seemed typical for this particular problem. For those who want to participate go to [Testcase]AV problems with XP after January 17 or 18.


I will try how much language knowlege allow me to participate.

I think it’s my case: L.A.R. Grizzly
I have frozen PC in several cases.


This is my first post on the board. I have used Comodo Firewall for the past 2 years and love it. It’s the best personal firewall by far since AtGuard. For probably a year or so Ive also used the AntiVirus component and have recommended it to a lot of people.

3 days ago I noticed my Windows 7 not performing the same since I first installed it 1 month ago. It would as described in another post - choke with certain programs. Same for my XP SP3 as I have dual boot. So for 3 days I have been narrowing down the culprit which leads me to here.

The Antivirus update from a few days ago is the problem. I see you guys know of this problem, I came on to say I get it to choke straight away when I run “Cool Edit Pro 2.1”. It seems to choke as soon as I click on the icon, I can move the mouse but the computer freezes.

Im sorry but as of now I am uninstalling the Antivirus component for good. I find it is far too inefficient with its updates as well, (90MB each time I update???) and this 3 day issue for me is the final straw.

Thanks to COMODO! :slight_smile:

The latest update works good!

Well, being a new user and installing the soft CIS 3.13.125662.579 (as can be downloaded from the comodo website upto rightnow) just yesterday on my vista64 build6002 SP2 fully up-to-date, Intel core2duo processor, 4GB ram.

First experience: I noticed the PC to start choking itself during the first full scan upto the point it got completely unmanageable and I needed to reboot completely.
That immediately sucked of course, being a novice with comodo :frowning:
(but coming over from mcafee I’ve even known worse ;D )

Today comodo installed an update (3.14.129887.586 and signatures 3740), so reading this thread I’m curious if the hanging problem will be solved now, thereby convincing me I’ve made the better choice…
I’ll keep ya posted.

I did notice several false positives though (winrar V3.80 sfx-files), this was solved by updating winrar to the current V3.91.
Another (I think) false positive is reported by “auto-updating” the bittorrent app from within bittorrent itself. Downloading the bittorrent update “by bittorrent website” does not report it to be “infected”.
Also several false positives get reported, usually in key recovery tools that are known to be ok.
One must know what can and cannot be trusted it seems, making it harder for someone not that intimate with the pc and software “inner workings”. Not that much of a problem to me being a programmer/HW developer myself, but I can imagine some people to get really freaked out about such (in my opinion trivial) warnings.

Also: I ran a scheduled scan today (during daytime working-hours), and coming home that seemed to have finished ok (being V3.13), but comodo was “gone” (no more tray icon etc). Maybe that got solved too by the update, I’ll keep an open eye on that.

That being said: back to familiarizing myself with the (awsome) user-interface now ;D