have boclean - still need comodo antivirus?

(V)Hello, I´m new to the Forum. I have replaced Zonealarm with antispyware
and AVG Antivir with the Comodo firewall and Boclean. Do I still need the
Comodo Virus protection? Which malware is eliminated by Comodo Antirus
that Boclean does not detect?
Thanks for assistance

CAVS not only has a continually growing database of viruses but it also includes HIPS protection which is a great first line defence. I personally use a combination of CFP, CAVS and BOClean which gives good, layered protection. What one application misses another catches.

For example if you unwittingly allow something using HIPS in CAVS then BOClean may pick it up as malware. If CAVS and BOClean miss something malicious the firewall will alert you to unusual activity if some file unexpectedly tries to access the internet.

Layered protection is the best bet.

When the new firewall comes out of beta testing and the next version of CAVS is complete then this layered protection will be unsurpassed.


Great, can not wait (:CLP)