Have asked before, asking again!

Currently using, Commodo is automatically upgrading as I type and has been for 31 minutes and is at 71%. Why is the program not built to download only the necessary updates instead of the entire program each time?

(Why is it that arrogant developers refuse to acknowledge that not everyone can get access to high speed and build their products accordingly. According to latest data I have read highspeed is NOT available in 30% of the US, you cannot buy something that is not for sale).

Hey if you think the developers are arrogant for giving you this FREE firewall/Hips then who am i to argue.
Are you downloading the full version or just the patch,i expect the servers are pretty busy this weekend as there`s probably over 1 million computers updating.


I updated to the latest version on my computer days ago. But only got around to it this morning with my wife’s computer. And I am still on dial up.

But I started at about 9 am and did not finish downloading the update file until a little after 10 AM while I also did some web surfing at the same time. And when the update was done, I picked reboot later and then shut off the computer.

Since the full new clean install version of the new comodo 3 is 17.3 MB, I doubt I could have downloaded that much in on dial up in about an hour. So I strongly suspect the updater file was smaller than the full new version. Maybe the comodo team could weigh in on the exact size of the update file to settle any doubts.

And when I mentioned it to my wife that her start might take a little longer as comodo had to update as the computer booted, my wife gave me one of her funny looks. So I timed how long the computer took to reboot and estimate it was no longer than ten seconds longer than normal.

Contrast that with a uninstall old version of comodo which takes one complete computer boot, followed by resetting the XP firewall and deleting the comodo directory, followed by a complete reinstall of the new comodo version which costs another two complete reboots, and I have to conclude auto updates are an unmitigated blessing no matter how few bytes are saved in the download.

But suggestion to Melih and the comodo development team, it may be a good idea to make the updater files available at some location and for two reasons.

(1) I note on another current thread on this forum, at least two users are unable to get updates the normal way.
Until they can get that troubleshooting problem solved, they can only update by the complete reinstall way.

(2) In the case of people like me who run networks with two or more computers with comodo installed on all, downloading the same file multiple times is a waste of bandwidth. When one copy of the file could do the job.
In my case of only two computers, its not a big deal, but get into a big network and the poor smuck stuck with updating all gets really happy is they can burn the update to cd-r or put it on a pendrive.

“Hey if you think the developers are arrogant for giving you this FREE firewall/Hips then who am i to argue.”

My apologizes if I hit a fan boy nerve, the question was why when ComodoV3 automatically updates it does not simply allow for downloading an update ‘patch’ instead of downloading the entire program each time. Firefox and serveral other programs I use do not seem to have a problem with me downloading only an update patch, they update in a few minutes instead of Comodo’s hour+.