Have anyone got Emby Server to work with CIS ?

Have anyone got Emby Server to work with CIS ?


I fail to get it to work, the server local and remote address only work in webrowser on the same machine I am running the server, but not on remote devices such as smartphone etc
So it must be CIS that blocks the access

no one can help me ?

it would be easier if comodo did whitelist this program… so the cloud service would accept it.

First add the server executable to the firewall application rules and set the ruleset to allowed application. Then trust your home network by going to firewall tasks > manage networks > click on the trust radio button and click ok.

this did not work in fact i had the application and network allowed

Do you have blocked events in the firewall log? Also try disabling the firewall setting block fragmented IP traffic. Also can you tell me which Windows version you are using and check to see if the windows firewall is enabled?

If I have interpreted your post correctly, you cannot access the Emby server from another system on your network.

When you said

So it must be CIS that blocks the access
you are absolutely correct, but CIS is doing exactly what it is supposed to do - block incoming unsolicited requests (i.e. another device attempting unsolicited access) unless there is a rule that allows that traffic in (see below).

I had a quick check on the Emby support pages and found the relevant details (Connectivity · MediaBrowser/Wiki Wiki · GitHub)

[i]Open TCP Port 8096 on your server's firewall

If running Windows, most likely you’ll need to configure Windows Firewall. See How to open a port in Windows Firewall.

Important: Please do not attempt to skip this step by disabling Windows Firewall, as this usually does more harm than good.

If you’re using third party firewall software, you’ll need to follow it’s instructions to open the port. Note: If you’re using third party antivirus software such as Norton Internet Security, it will most likely have it’s own firewall that will need to be configured.[/i]

You will need to create a Global Rule in CIS to allow inbound traffic from other machines. The parameters for the rule are as follows;

Action : ALLOW
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : IN
Description : Something relevant to you
Source Address : ANY
Destination Address : ANY (This means "the system that this instance of CIS is running on)
Source Port : ANY
Destination Port : 8096

The golden rule in CIS (or any other firewall for that matter) is - if you are trying to initiate a connection to a PC running CIS from another system (like accessing a server), you will need to create a firewall rule to allow the inbound access.

If the request is inbound, then a firewall is going to reject it, until it is specifically told otherwise. If it didn’t, then it wouldn’t be doing the job it was designed for. :wink:

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello, first of all a big thanks for taking time to, first I did not suceed with this global rule method, I thought it might be cause I use VPN, but when I did drack the global rule almost to the bottom it did work, if it is on the top it will not work I think ? Anyway I did just did a quick test and the libaray comes up in teh android app I have not tried to chromecast it to my tv yet but I assume it will work.

I hope comodo will add Emby into the white list this in the future.

I can now confirm after some testing that emby finally work, and I really love the app…very good.

However it does not work 100% for instance it only seem to work when I am on 4G on the phone, if I switch to my own homenetwork it does not always work. It did work earlier today but now I am unable to connect to the server if I am on wifi, I was able to use wifi and chromecast earlier today, but not now about 4 hours later, not sure why.
The wifi comes from the same PC and internet connection that I host the emby server on. The wifi connection has internet connection difeinyl since all other websites etc works as normal only emby does not connect.