have a question,

suppose there was a firewall alert came out to ask me wether i should allow a programme or a file to connect to the internet or not,and the blank “remember my answer” had already been ticked on the popup alert.what’s the result would be if i did nothing with the alert untill the alert disappeared?would cis allow the request or deny the request ?and would cis add a rule on the application rules of my firewall settings or not?

The connection request would be denied - Default deny.
I have turned the on screen alert time out to 999 seconds, this way I have plenty of time to look up the process if need be :wink:
As the process was ignored I don’t think a rule would be written - can anyone confirm

“No answer” may be “an answer” in human relations,
but in a firewall
its actually YOUR answer which is the base for “remember MY answer”