have a question on cis 5

on cis 4 ,i once submitted a programme to comodo ,however 3 months later,cis still can not recognise wether this programme is safe or not and kept it in the sandbox.i 'd like to know how long would it take for comodo to analyse a file in cis5?

That will not differ. There is a big amount of files to be analysed that Comodo is working very hard with to get done. That’s all I can say to it. Stay tuned. When you trust the program and the source you downloaded it from you can consider adding it to My Own Safe Files.

I cannot see the GUI for my CIS 5. I am operating blindly. I installed it on Thursday, upgrading from CIS 4. I am tempted go go back, but I have the feeling CIS 5 is better. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. It is really weird!