have a question about the cis

by using cis,i sometimes found a alert says that some of the applications on my computer is going to recieve a connection from somewhere(usually shows the ip address),if you are not sure about what to do you should block this request.suppose this alert appears when i was not at my computer,and no other people touch the computer,how would cis make a decison for me,would cis allow this request or not? (:KWL)

Hello Dfsdfd. If you don’t select an option the pop up will dissapear after 120 seconds (default) and will block the connection - but won’t remember it.

Is a great way to look up where this connection is comming from.

I get this with Skype and have blocked them permanently in CFP network security policy without noticing any problems.

The IP adresses seem to be for ISPs.

Skype do say that sound quality is better if you allow these and I asked about this on their forum with no reply.