have a question about comodo secure dns?

suppose i choosed “change my dns servers to comodo securedns servers” during the installation of cis,would it take effect if i connect to the internet with a router?

It would take effect immediately, although there are some issues regarding Bandwidth Performance and Site Access

Hope this helps

Hi everyone,

I have two questions:
Frst- I downloaded cfw installer for windows 64 bit kind of ten times because any time I started the installation it came with the box “use comodo Dns” unchecked when it should be checked by default and I wanted to use CComodo dns. So is there anything wrong with the installer?

Second- Since I wanted to use Comodo Dns, I checked the box, and continued the installation procedure, but after comodo was installed dns option for my inernet connection was still “Obtain dns server adress automatically” so I had to manually change my Dns with Comodo ones in Internet Protocol version 4 properties. Anyone knows why?

Hi cmfxgt,
1: Comodo DNS is no longer selected during install by default.
2: Have you gone through the reboot sequence after install?