Have a question about a pop-up

I get this pop-up almost everytime i start steam up

Im just not sure why i get this pop-up and what it means,also if i click deny then it like my whole system just stops for awhile, for ex: when i will try to get on the internet it will not work, or any other program will work, i wait for a few min’s and then everything will work like it should, I will also get this pop-up when i start up dod,css,dods,hl2. I’m not sure whats going on but i wonder if someone could be using steam to enter my computer or something,even if i click the check mark to remember for this app, it will ask me again,etc


Hi, the problem isn’t a problem per se. It’s an application that needs to use IE in order to use the internet (basic explanaton) if it’s safe, it’s not a problem, but I suspect like me, if you deny one, I can’t access the internet.
As you stated elsewhere to my problem, I have the same issues and have stopped installing any new software so I don’t have to keep rebooting. My problem is that it will not, when denied, app deleted, cleaned etc…when I hit the browser, CPF is giving a false reading to the OLE , so I either allow it, or restart the computer. I don’t exactly feel safe thinking the application “Might” be gone but not being sure and allowing it.



i think i understand , just hope no one or some company has not been able to intall a worm or something script which hides in steam to allow access to my pc, thats what i was thinking was/is going on. after reading what you post i dont think that is what happing,(hope not)

Hi, as long as you know where the “steam” is coming from, an installed program etc…You can google the associations of it as well to see what it’s associated with if you don’t know. In short the OLE automation is something that can’t access the net on it’s own like an updater, etc…so it uses IE to do so.

Hope this helps,