HASH values for bases.cav definitions

1. What actually happened or you saw?

When I download files from comodo website, they sometimes get corrupted. With the installation package,
I can verify the validity of the file via its digital signature, but I have no means of checking
if bases.cav full definitions file has downloaded correctly or not.

2. What you wanted to happen or see?

MD5/SHA hashes for the latest full bases.cav file at the comodo database section website

3. Why you think it is desirable?

People can verify the package integrity for not being damaged by malware or because
of their poor internet connection to comodo website.

4. Any other information?

I don’t think this is difficult to implement. It takes 10 seconds to calculate bases.cav hash,
tested on my machine, so it doesn’t take much time and it’s also useful for integrity tracking.

Does it not verify itsself?

I don’t think so… I have apparently downloaded a “clean” bases.cav from the internet, with a slow download.
The connection has interrupted a couple of times and eventually, when I finally downloaded it and tried to import it into CIS
it didn’t import… So instead of asking for a faster connection to my area, which was a wicked wish, I simply asked for some
hash values alongside the definitions file so I can verify it myself.

Note that this problem of corrupt download has happened quite a lot to me (I don’t know about the others),
so that’s why I am asking for checksums :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any security software vendors that provide such details.
However, I cannot process your request due to the fact that your suggestion is not related to the general functionality of the product. I do understand the importance of such visible information. You should post this as a website suggestion (in a different subforum).

I think that there is a mechanism in the direct updating process. I do not know the algorithm. If you do prove the absence of such a feature (in the product) then I can continue the processing. Also, if you do find a weak algorithm then I can continue the processing.

I hope you understand.
In the meantime, I will move your wish request to the “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.