Has your seperate secondary manual AV scan every saved you?

Hi all. For those of you using a seperate secondary manual AV scan different from you real time scanner.
Has this ever saved you from something the real time missed?
If yes, what products were involved? Thanks.

Edit- Since I have run CIS, no other scanner has ever found anything for me.
Can’t remember exactly what it was but along time ago running AVG, I scanned with Malwarebytes and it found a registry item disabling or trying to disable the Security centre. For memory that is all that has happened to me (touch wood).

No, the only thing my on-demand scanners have ever turned up for me are things like cookies. :slight_smile:

I use avira as a backup scanner. w/guard disabled. I gave up on AVG as a back scanner along time ago

Has your seperate secondary manual AV scan every saved you?
I'm not sure, the backup scanner helps narrow witch malware I upload to comodo. The ones that don't get flagged I investigate further :) before deciding with ones to upload

A few times. I was running CIS v.3. Ran a scan with avast (boot time) and malwarebytes. Found, 7 if I remember correctly. Dll’s and some registry items.

The second time was when I was running Avast Pro. License expired and replaced with Nod32. Found 2 files. And then there was AVG. just for kicks. Kept it for 5 months. Scanned with Hitman and Malwarebytes after. Found 40 something items. More or less.

And then I went back to Nod32. 1 item after scanning with Malwarebytes and Hitman pro, but the item was harmless.

The worst was when I had ImmunetProtect beta. The pc was struck with a serious virus. Nearly had to reformat. It was later on detected after scanning with Bitdefender QuickScan and ESET Online Scanner (I was kind of into cloud security then, if you might have noticed). Thorough cleaning by Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes. I switched to Threatfire afterwards. Ran manual scans and packers were all that were found (but they were mostly games).

Only thing any scanner has ever found on my system is tracking cookies and that really peed me off. I use firefox, with an extension to control cookies, but they still dump them in the IE cookie cache. That was very quickly dealt with. No more unwanted cookies.

I have cleaned severely infected systems with rescue scanners quite a bit. Through my experience, Kaspersky and Emsisoft’s A-Squared are the best two. Most others are different variations of these scanners. As for my machine, I have had MBAM pick up stuff, followed up usually by a Hitman Pro scan for any residuals. Plus, I like to look myself at these directories and eradicate them completely.

To everyone, thankyou for your replies and sharing your experiences about different scanners. Kind regards.

I had troubles with MBAM false positives, specially registry keys. Sometimes the aggressiveness is just a shoot in the foot. It also happen, in a much more cruel way, with a-squared. I had to reformat as it really messed the Windows registry due to a false positive.

Sometimes, although, the second opinion on demand scanner could help improve detection of your primary on access protection.

Yes, I have Avira Antivir and Emsisoft AntiMalware on demand scanners that have picked up rootkits and trojans that CIS pro didn’t. I believe that no one security solution can catch everything tho.

But did you set CIS properly? Installed Defense+ also?
Any rootkit should flag the Defense+ and be blocked. The policy is default deny and deny all.
Detection is not 100% but the protection could be.

One day I have a trojan in my USB drive after use it at university.
So when I back to home I’m running Kaspersky to scan it. Then known bad file are deleted.
But when I access to USB drive. (Double clicked) Windows Defender alert malware detected and ask me to clean. Yes that’s one Kaspersky miss but WD detect it.

Has this ever saved you from something the real time missed? If yes, what products were involved? Thanks.


I’m not much of a believe in AV; So I use my own little curiosity to cure my unbelief in AV’s
I use Command Prompt As my secondary scanner and the Database is quite small haha…
Using dir /s /w then comparing the result to 10 minutes earlier If something has been added or taken away; I will be notified via msg * … it’s simple but yet I have found cookies and unwanted programs passed CAV but thats why i no longer use CAV i use Defense+ set to paranoid mode; but occasingly i run the little script

Yes, I had CIS configured properly w/ Defence+ with everything set to default. I might add that this incident took place a while ago with an earlier version of CIS and not with the improved V5.4. And I think the malware infection that I found was most likely something preexisting on my PC before I installed CIS as well. CIS v 5.4 is much improved and I haven’t had any problems with it.