Has use of cavscan.exe changed?

In this thread I suggested that cavscan.exe not report results unless a virus was found. I now see no response when I use cavscan in a Download Manager (DLM). Has this change been made? Is there a parameter or option to disable it? Or, has the interface to use cavscan changed? Is this the correct file to use in a DLM to scan files? Thanks and enjoy, John.

After more testing it is clear that something in CIS has changed and probably all the users that are calling cavscan.exe to check their DLs for viruses are getting nothing scanned. When I do a scan (drag and drop into Scan Objects on CIS main dialog) on a file that CIS says contains malware (it does not), I get a malware detected message and I see cavwp.exe running but not cavscan.exe. When I use a command prompt (Administrator), to run cavscan.exe I see nothing additional running in Task Manager and no malware is detected. When I use a command prompt (Administrator), to run cavwp.exe I see an additional cavwp.exe running in Task Manager but no malware is detected. The additional cavwp.exe runs forever. I now have three copies (One SYSTEM and 2 on my account) of cavwp.exe running taking about 3 MB of memory each but no CPU. There is something seriously wrong here. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Does no one think this is a problem or have a work around or the changes to make it work in the current CIS? Thanks and enjoy, John.