has there been any email issues? [Resolved]

Hi all, I seem to be having email issues since installing Comodo Forewall on my 2 PC’s, I normally just get my mail on the one PC but have tried various options of mail clients and phoned my ISP who says they are not even receiving the request and they beleive it to be a software problem. I am on 2mb ADSL and have been through the settings with my ISP everything works except incoming email. As far as I know I have allowed all components to access the internet.

I have tried various mail clients, outlook express, outlook and incredimail but still no joy on either PC
it seems to have been since installing the firewll but i dont want to jump the gun as I am very pleased with the software.

I am going to uninstall it on this machine and try another firewall after cleaning up the registry and see if it helps. If there is an issue I will report back.

Ok I may have sussed it out at long last - may not have to uninstall it.
I opened comodo and set to allow all and my email worked a treat. nice to know its secure. I just have to remember to allow all before getting my mail.

operator issue here - its odd because when I shut it down whilst on the phone to my ISP it still wouldn’t allow mail???

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First, have you scanned for known applications in security tasks? (security/tasks)
Have you tried to add your email program as a trusted app? (security/tasks)
Are you behind a router? In that case, have you made a trusted network? (security/tasks)
Did you install with “auto”?
Have you changed any network monitor rules?
Have you checked the log if something is getting blocked? (activity/logs)

Thanks AOwL, I went into security and allowed it and it works fine now, nice to know I dont have to lower the security.

It was just an operator issue (me being dumb) I could have saved myself hours of trying to figure out the problem and phone calls to my ISP.

I scanned my pc with sheilds up too as I read the other thread about failing miserably but its perfect,
all greens complete stealth. I think I will head back to my ISP to spread the good word.

Amen and Hallelujah

I glad it works for you! ;D
About portscan, you should be in stealth if you haven’t done anything wrong. :wink:
I’m putting resolved on this thread, and lock it.