Has the time come to trust CAVS

I have now been running CAVS beta since 4th April without the slightest problem.( apart from maybe the submit files).

Forum members are still advising caution, but after daily updates I do feel that the time has come to place more trust in it’s detection levels. We don’t see up to date comparisons as still in beta, but I have been running regular on-line scans with Kasperski, House Call and recently ESet and they have failed to find anything.

Maybe your computer is malware-free and based on your regular scans, it seems you practice safe internet habits.

Yes I never got infected for a long time before I turned into a security paranoid (LOL), with nothing else than Windows XP SP2’s firewall (yuck) and AVG Free and the occasional Ad-Aware Free pointless cookie hunting (LOL), and browsing with an unconfigured Firefox without add-ons (yuck).

As soon as CAVS comes out of beta, sites will test it on their own accord. And if Comodo has done as terrific a job as with the firewall, facts will speak for themselves.