Has the memory problem been fixed?

I read a lot of complaints on download.com that it has to stay in learn mode because it keeps forgetting its settings. I also heard it didn’t hinder bandwidth like zonealarm, but another person said it did, perhaps they were referring to the annoyance of having to tell it what to do all the time.

Memory problem? I’ll try and read between the lines to make the connection between your topic title and your post. :wink:

Earlier versions of CFP could use a bit more memory than users expected, but this has improved markedly with the latest version. Current usage is around the 22-28 MB mark, but this will vary depending upon your actual system and the installed software on it.

CFP does not have to stay in learn mode to remember its settings. This may have been the case with version prior to 2.0 but it has been stable since then.

CFP is quick - very quick. There is a slight drop in performance, but adding any additional layer to your communications will induce some level of lag, but CFP is right up there with the best.

You will get more alerts in the first couple of days, but you would get this with any decent firewall. The alerts drop off once the firewall gets used to the apps installed on your system. CFP’s built in database of over 11,000 apps goes a long way towards reducing the amount of alerts you get (providing you choose to not show alerts for approved apps).

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No need to read between any lines since I stated what I was talking about, and apparently this forum has memory problems to since everytime I try to reply it says I posted 90 seconds ago, I had to create a new account.

And, I’m not a moron, unlike you I bothered to look at the date of the reviews let alone the reviews period:

Rated #1 in leak test. Still has problems though.

11-Feb-2007 04:04:06 AM
Reviewer: shavenstringer

Pros: Has the highest scores in firewall test. Easy to set up. Great prtection. Uses small amount of RAM. Internet never locks up or slows down like ZA. ITS FREE!!!

Cons: New version still doesn’t remember settings. I have to keep it in learn mode or it constantly has pop ups for access. The interface sucks compared to zone alarm.

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Apologies for misinterpreting your original post. I made the mistake of asumming you were referring to RAM/VM usage.

Sorry if you thought I thought you are a moron. My post attempted to cover several aspects that I thought might relate to your posting. Obviously I got that wrong.

Re. creating a second account - if you log back in with your original account, can you post again, or can that account not post at all now? I only ask this because your second account can obviously post multiple entries, albeit with a 15 minute interval. I’m just curious to see if there is an issue with your original account posting.

There have been a couple of posts about CFP creating a large number of alerts for supposedly remembered apps after switching from LEARN mode to ON. I’ll try and hunt them down and see if there’s any suggestion or solutions in them. They’re in here somewhere.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen Component Monitor (CM) misbehave in the sense that it forgets my decisions on alerts in the 2.4 incarnations (while I did seem to have this problem in 2.3), but this is mostly due to the fact that I leave it in Learn mode. This isn’t a common issue as I rarely see users report this except here.