Has Sandbox eaten my Router?

I hope this is the right place to post my cry for help -

New to the “Sandbox” having just moved up to Verision 4 of the free Comodo Internet Security, I think I have accidentally clicked OK to Sandbox /CIS to remove files including those for my Router.

I can’t find the files in “My Pending Files”. I appear (sic) to have files, including at least one executable file related to the Router, in another CIS place called “My Own Safe Files”. But I can’t get them back and functioning again.

So no internet connection and the pc doesn’t detect the existence of my Router / wireless connection. (I’m using daughter’s laptop to seek help here, so connection is still out there!)

Can someone please help me get my Connection back?

Though I haven’t answered anything of my own question, I have got my Connection back ;D by completely unplugging the Router, switching pc off, switching pc on, and plugging it all back in again. Then the pc did detect it and Repaired the Connection.

Hi LesWes and welcome. Your files are not placed in My Safe Files, it is just a list of files you will not be alerted about when they run again.