Has Comodo Staff left the building?

I spoke about the code refactoring to underline that Comodo, although less communicative, still has a vested interest in the quality of CIS.


Am I correct when I say that at this moment of writing even the forum moderators don’t know where Comodo Staff is or what they are doing or what their plans are with respect to the forum or with the future of CIS?
More forum members want to know what is going on behind the scenes.
We know where they are and who they are but communication lines are thin these days. After the turmoil with changes on the website that seemed to allude to CIS becoming a paid program Comodo reaffirmed us that CIS would stay a free program and that has shown to be true; I do not worry about it. After the changes were made to the website download links of the free versions of CIS were provided however they have become more buried. CIS stays free with paid versions for those who like the additional services.

According to Servin Genc they were focusing on fixing bugs. Which is appreciated although I must admit I was not too impressed with the list of fixes for the beta but I like the light AV database a lot.

In the process with the changing program managers we never got a road map even after multiple requests for one. Unfortunately QA member Dharshu has left Comodo last August. He did a wonderful job also behind the scenes providing us with little snippets of information.

At least some (good) news, thanks.

Besides implementing new features I surely hope that they keep the focus on fixing (long lasting) bugs to improve CIS quality much further.

I fully agree with that Dharshu did a great job even though I’m relatively short period forum member and I only talked to him a few times.
It is very sad that he has left Comodo, I don’t hope that with him the lifeline between Comodo and this forum will vanish forever.

Are there any signs or plans that the forum will get a replacement QA member so that forum members can keep communicating with Comodo to contribute to improve CIS to make it the best security product on earth?

Hi CISfan,

Dharshu is one of our team member. When she left comodo C.O.M.O.D.O RT has been created inorder not to miss communication and logs provided by the customers via personal message. Its a team. We are also handling several other processes and was concentrating on new release.

Since there was a change in development team we are unable to provide you the road map as discussed. But our current developer Mert is good in fixing bugs and he developed the light signature feature. Hope we can fix pending bugs as soon as possible.

A person is being trained to handle forum complaints, I will handle it until he get trained.

Thanks for the update Metheni . . . it is much appreciated

Thank you for the heads up Mehtheni and nice to see you again. :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear from Comodo; it makes the development more real and visceral. :-TU There have been a lot of changes with the CIS development team over the past one and a half years which had its influence on communication with the forums. The latter seems part of a gradual shift in culture within Comodo in which the forums are less integrated. I hope once the new team is set in its ways and found its path we will be able to restore some of the old and organic relationship which was beneficial for both Comodo and the forums.

Hi Metheni,

First, my apologies to Dharshu (if she is still with us here and reading these posts) for calling her he/him in my previous post, I didn’t know sorry for that.

Thank you for your feedback, very welcome!
I hope you have more developers or software engineers working on fixing bugs. Working on new features and fixing bugs at the same time is too much work for one person.

Thanks for being interim forum complaint handler, please let us know who will take over from you after training.

Let us all here on this forum work together to make CIS the best security suite in the world!


You only have 1 CIS developer?

“…4 lead developers (Program Managers)…”

It’s interesting hearing what’s going on behind the scenes. I’d be more concerned if I had a PAID subscription. I thought about buying in (then prices went up), but still a freeloader for the time being.

If Comodo changed to a paid model, I bet the pace of development would pick up.

Maybe if Comodo implements a better job offer for Program Manager with a better wage and better work condition, then someone will eventually decide to stay for a longer time.
If all those people come and go in less than a year, then it means something is leaving to desire in such job position.

But how many CIS developers does Comodo currently have?

No surprise when - presumably - only one person is working both on new features and bug fixing.
If this is the case then I’m afraid that the bug list will only grow over time instead of shrink.

Servin Genc was Program Manager when he stated it. That implies the team must be bigger than just one Program Manager. Please don’t jump to conclusions. It was clear from the context he spoke as Program Manager.

Related to bug fixing and implementing new features, how are the “Verified Wish Reports - CIS” being handled or being taken care of?
Are the “Verified Wish Reports - CIS” submissions/posts read by and processed by Comodo Staff as well?
Asking because I don’t see any action in that section. (hmm, that rhymes.)

Ting ting! - tapping on the reception desk bell calling for personal.

You are showing a disrespectful attitude towards Comodo employees. Please be civil. Comodo staff are not your servants.

Your remark is in violation of the forum policy paragraph 5 which is about respecting others.

I’m sure CISfan meant no harm with his actions.
His intention as already stated before is to improve the CIS product through Feedback, Bug reporting, etc. I think what frustrates him (as well as other Forum users) the most is the fact that Comodo staff is leaving a lot to desire in the communication department.

Comodo CEO recently stated his intention in beating Crowdstrike. Through the Feedback, Bug reporting, Suggestions from the Forum members this goal is certainly possible to accomplish.
If Comodo company wants to defeat the likes of Crowdstrike, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET, etc. then a better communication model with users is of utmost importance.

Currently Comodo Staff seem to be lost in their own protocols unfortunately. By this I mean no harm as well, of course.

??? ? that was absolutely not meant to disrespect anyone!!!
When tapping the bell in a lobby or in whatever store when one doesn’t see anybody around to help you would one than be disrespectful to?

Was trying to cheer things up here but unfortunately it turned out the other way.
One has to be very cautious trying to be funny here.

@safemode - You did understand it very well, thank you very much.

When you are trying to get Comodo Staff involved more.

Humor is the last thing needed.


At CISfan. Your remark strikes me as rude and I fail to see the cheer or fun of it. Please be aware these are international forums and humor translates different between countries and cultures and among individuals.

FWIW, Meaning that is typically easily understood in person through visual cues (body language, facial expressions), tone of voice, etc. can often be misunderstood when in print form only such as exists in online forums.