Has Comodo Fixed Registry Bloat Problem?

Hello. It’s been a while since I posted here. I remember that Comodo’s Def+ added numerous entries to the registry every time Avast! AV updated, though it may affect other programs as well. I was wondering if this has been fixed yet in an update, since manually trying to fix the problem didn’t work.

Also, is there any chance the rules will be stored in a DAT file instead of the registry?

It also sounds like this has been a problem for several versions of Comodo.


79 views and no response? I had already switched to Online Armor because of the problem, but would like to switch back if the problem is resolved.

Side-note: I’ve had problems even posting replies. It says there was a post from my IP less that 1 second ago, which isn’t true, and if I retry, it says its a duplicate post, but it doesn’t show up.

The rules are still in the registry;
If you don’t have ‘create rules for safe applications’ the registry size (comodo’s registry size) shouldn’t increase at all
It’s when you have rules for all the applications thats where the registry gets a bit big…(Depending on how many apps are in the policies;

The IP issue is been known to everyone; including me; It’s a small feature of the forums to prevent spammers and bots…

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So what would I need to do to use Comodo FW with Def+ and not have my registry explode? If I didn’t create rules for safe applications, wouldn’t it bug me with a lot of alerts?

No; If not Defense+/FW is in safe mode, It’s actually quiet now-a-days… I only received one alert and that was for ‘trusted network’ and thats all…
(by defualt create rules for safe applications is unchecked)

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Brandonn2008 is nevertheless right: even if not “excessive”, the rules should be written not the registry, but to a proprietary database file, ensuring not only optimal registry settings, but also restoration of these rules if needed, not included in the CIS exportation files in the event of customized settings.

The main configurations are stored in a file
%programfiles%\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security*.cfphgx something rather…

Settings are stored in the registry Correction
Hope this helps