Has COMODO begun to trip over the same stone of Microsoft?

Vista released, almost everyone was unhappy and rolled back to XP.
Windows 8 seems to me it will have kind of the same future.

Although COMODO had and is always bringing good and excellent protection through CIS, could it be that with Version 6.0 they started same path as Microsoft? I have read many posts in this forum that people is not happy at all with CIS 6.0 and they are going back to CIS 5.10/5.12. Without counting many bypasses.

This is only my personal and humble opinion and is based only on what I see in COMODO Forum.
Please, only constructive criticism if you are not a COMODO staff member and wish to post about this topic.

It would be good to know what COMODO thinks about the users “negative” reaction, and most important what is their plan to recover the unhappy users.

Hi w-e-v,
I don’t believe Comodo has tripped over any stone, a little pebble maybe.
Most of the unsatisfied users have concerns over the GUI or lack of, Comodo does plan on improving this over the next few releases.

Critics whether constructive or not, will always be noted and heard over compliments.
As far as bugs go, they will forever be in software but be assured many are being exterminated as we speak.

One very important factor of any software forum is constructive criticism and bug reporting to help future software development.
IMO the above is set into stone and will make the path for greater future releases.
I also think most users that are reverting will return to V6 in due time.
Comodo is listening.

Kind regards.

I think there are just as many and most likely more users who are pleased by v6 and consider it a step forward. Remember that the great majority of posters in any forum are the ones who have a complaint. The majority of those who are happy will never say a word. I guess I’m an exception but I am just so impressed by the giant leap forward CIS has made in terms of usability for the average or below average user. I wouldn’t be a returned Comodo user if not for v6.

People are always resistant to change. Take for example these comments made when the now ubiquitous peripheral known as the mouse first appeared on the Windows scene.

“Mice are nice ideas, but of dubious value for business users” (George Vinall, PC Week, April 24, 1984) •“There is no evidence that people want to use these things.” (John C. Dvorak, San Francisco Examiner, February 19, 1984)

•“I was having lots of fun, but in the back of my corporate mind, I couldn’t help but think about productivity.” (George Vinall, PC Week, April 24, 1984)
•“Does the mouse make the computer more accessible, more friendly, to certain target audiences such as executives? The answer is no.” (Computerworld, October 31, 1983)
•“There is no possibility that this device will feel more comfortable to the executive than the keyboard. Because of its ‘rollability,’ the mouse has the aura of a gimmick…” (Computerworld, October 31, 1983)
•“The mouse and its friends are merely diversions in this process. What sounds revolutionary does not necessarily help anyone with anything, and therein lies the true test of commercial longevity.” (David A. Kay, Datamation, October 1983)

We have been assured that most of the concerns of those who want features they previously used will be addressed as v6 evolves and as long as they remain optional features, that’s all well and good.

That may be true but by the same token, I can’t remember any previous release receiving as many negative comments.

People are always resistant to change. Take for example these comments made when the now ubiquitous peripheral known as the mouse first appeared on the Windows scene.

Change is one thing usability is another. You install it and forget it. For those who actually want to interact with it, it’s a disaster.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve expressed my concerns with V6 during beta testing and after. I’ve the feeling of being unheard. I’m so fed up with V6 that I don’t even play with it in VirtualBox any more. Needless to say that I won’t install v6 in its current state on my main machines and advise friends and family members to do the same and stay with V5.

Thank you captainsticks, I really think that in the future CIS 6 will be improved. But as for today, we are not only talking about GUI disadvantages. We are talking about the reduced protection with version 6. See MATOUSEC latest test results. COMODO reduced protection by 2% with this new release. Also there are many many complaints about high usage of resources. Melih said that every release would be lighter. Seems that this version isnt lighter than 5.

I appreciate your opinion Dch48, but actually Radaghast and Boris 3 took the words out of my mouth. Dont remember many users complaining about versions 3, 4 and 5. And with any of this version, COMODO always proved to be innovative. Version 6 proved that too, but maybe not as COMODO expected.

Again, this are only my opinions based on my experience in the Forum since day 1 of my membership.

I have never cared about Matousec’s tests which are simply HIPS tests. They think anything without HIPS is useless trash and I don’t agree at all. Since Comodo seems to be moving away from the classic HIPS approach, it’s not surprising the new version didn’t score as high in a test that measures the traditional way of using HIPS. I have seen more than one video testing v6 that shows that even in it’s default state, using the BB with HIPS “disabled”, it’s very hard for anything to actually establish an infection or hack the system. The protection level seems more than sufficient to me especially since it no longer interferes with my ease of use and full enjoyment of the computing experience like previous versions did. I personally have no need for the granular control capabilities that some want since extremely high levels of protection can now be achieved without them. If others want to jump through all those hoops, let them but it’s not for me.

No problem, I understand and thank you. :-TU

We are talking about the reduced protection with version 6. See MATOUSEC latest test results.
I personally have never been a firm believer in controlled testing regardless of results, thats just my opinion. ;) Not any specific but all organisations.
Dont remember many users complaining about versions 3, 4 and 5.
I think over time the quantity of the active user base has increased, resulting in more visible complaints. Do not get me wrong, I do not think it is ideal in its current state either but I can see improvements in the future to make it a great product.
Melih said that every release would be lighter. Seems that this version isnt lighter than 5.
I personally haven't noticed an increase in ram usage and maybe a decrease in CPU, most systems with high resource usage reports have either found a bug/conflict or some other underlying cause.

I agree there is room for improvement and I for one hope to see some changes implemented in the not so distant future.
Thanks and all the best. :slight_smile:

This calls for corroboration as this is looks like shooting directly from the hip.

To reply to w-e-v. I am using Windows 8 with a start menu and it is like being on a slightly yet noticeably faster Win 7. I would like to compare future versions of CIS 6 with adapted main screen and UI with what Windows 7 was to Windows Vista: what Vista should have been. That being said I used Vista with pleasure on older hardware even though it was slow at boot and the first period after. Other than that it was stable, had better quality graphics and had lost some of XP’s less endearing qualities like having CPU handle graphics resulting in freezing the UI when installing big programs… yuck. 2014 will be a memorable year when XP will be brought to the grave for regular users… :smiley:

Thats a good description.

Over the time since version 6 is released and the userfriendlyness debate, i noticed that i dont use defense+ for protection.
I use the firewall and an antivirus for protection, and defense+ for control.
Security is a side effect of this easy control.

There has never been a version that i could suggest without notifying about “take care of this or that”.
But this version has too many "look out for"s … choices to be made.

Its even not fun to explain to people if they have questions.

Its really strange that all this userfriendly stuff is more “difficult” than a simple “Yes” or “No” answer.
“Do you want to run this game?”
Thats so easy.

But when the things get all requested functions, its so complicated that people want to install and forget.

Thanks for sharing.

Thats what I mean, most of the users think is not an ideal version release for one or any other reason.
Many users post their thoughts and makes them public, others just keep them for themselves. Either way, you can feel and see that many many users (regardless of the grown user population you mention) are simply not happy and were expecting more.

I have personally had a problem with the PC I installed the public release. Windows would start alright, but after entering my password to start my session, the computer would freeze. I turned off many times the computer and restarted it and I wasnt able to login. So I entered safe mode and try to uninstall CIS which I couldnt it easily. I had to use third party tools to uninstall it. After successfully uninstall, I could run my PC normal again. I didnt report the bug, because with the current state I just thought it would be pointless.

Thats why I reinstalled 5.12 and wrote this post.

You are the first person I hear was “kind of” happy with Vista :smiley:
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Sorry to hear of the issues that you had and it is entirely up to you, but the more bugs reported the more bugs that will be fixed for future releases.
Thank you.