Has anyone tried this on

I am wondering if anyone has ran this on a Server? Running w2k3 qith iis 6 and was considering this on it but wanted to see if anyone has attempted this in the past, and if so, any issues that I would want to consider before installing?

I am running CFP on 4 Win2003 SP1 servers, and it runs really well. No noticeable resource load, it just stays there and protects my LANs :smiley:

Don’t forget to assign a Trusted Zone, though. Saves a lot of headaches :slight_smile:

That said, there’s an experience I had with Win2003 SP1 NAT & Comodo:

One LAN I manage is a VUE Testing Center. The “Administration Station” needs to connect to VUE’s server every now and then, to port 15000. If I just “Allow All IP” from the admin station (IP address, it won’t connect. I have to explicitly allow outgoing TCP access to port 15000.

Aside than that, everything runs well.

Juuuuust 15 minutes ago, my colleage wanted to blame CFP for his failure connecting to an external SMTP server… it turned out the server was having problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, and I have installed it and had no issues doing so, it seems to work very good and I am happy…nice to see a product that is this nice and the price is just soooo right :slight_smile: